Sunday, March 17, 2013


Dear friends,

THE WHOLE spirituality surrounds the so called 'i'. All spiritual teaching and paths agree on one point that the 'i' has to be dropped. This 'i' is the center of mind, minding and mind world. This 'i' is the central root on which the whole my, mine, myself, all the possessiveness, protection, fear, greed etc., are all grow. This 'i' has grown to the modern man more and so his cunningness, politics, ego, etc., are all grown much. His tension and stress get multiplied.

EVEN THOUGH this 'i' is there on one side, driving you crazy on continuous minding, there is always a inner subtle feelings on the other side which goes on surfacing in every being. Out of this, love, creativity, friendship, silence, laughter, wonder, adventure like qualities are also born for humans.

WHATEVER THE basic nature of action, whether it is inner quality based or social conditioning based or your animal instinct based, , when you involve in action you need an 'i'. Without 'i' you cannot organize the work. This 'i' is like the "operation system" installed in a computer, like windows 8. Only with this you add all other software and organize the entire working process. In addition you store, analyze, create using your software. But a 'os' is a must for working of computer or a brain. Without this, a computer becomes simply a calculator or brain like an animal brain, can do only simple things, few things, not many, not complex things, not creative.

SO WHAT is this 'i' in human. It is a STAND POINT. The stand point given to a child by the parents, teachers, education and all in the society. A child first is given a name. say 'maaka'. First when you say 'maaka is walking' when the child walks, child didn't get it. The next time the child walks it will say 'maaka is walking'. You correct it immediately saying that, don't say 'maaka walking', say 'i am walking'. 'maaka' is you, your 'i'. Then child with this stand point try to gather things or store things and it helps tremendously. Whenever the child wants to remember it is very easy to fetch. Otherwise there are thousands and thousands of things around and the senses pickup all. So this 'i' filter the needy and filter what to store and what to throw in recycle bin.

THEN THE child uses the same method of installing many small 'i's within this 'i' as useful software, like i belong to this family, this country, this street, this caste, i am a student, i am a doctor, i am an engineer and also like i am intelligent, i am a fool etc ., and all these software were take hold of the child soon. FIRST YOU add software of 'i's to add efficiency but soon it takes over and there is no moment in your life, without some 'i' is functioning. This is exactly the problem of human.

THE BRAIN with all this 'i' software within the basic 'i' OS, continuously under pressure to sort out and decide what is to do and what is not. How to function, what orders to give to the body, which 'i' to give preference and this is creates confusion and great chaos. Furthermore, more compulsive orders come from animal instinct and sensitivity of senses, like in the computer the more basic operations goes on in from registry, boot files and for hardware check. To exist beyond the 'i' standpoint is the existence beyond mind. In the evolution process, mind or the 'i' standpoint in the brain takes a jump and leads human to a more comfortable living. The science, logic, mathematics, language, teaching are all becomes possible by the great accumulation and concentration ability of human, and that comes out of the 'i' jump and great usage of the 'i' standpoint.

I AM A DOC, you think and remember and store and create the doc 'i' standpoint software. This is very helpful when you work in the hospital, visit hospitals, lab, patients, because this standpoint filters out all the unnecessary things other than the standpoint of doctor, and picks up the minute details helpful for the doctor. For example a doc and eng enter into a new hospital building and after rounding came out, both picked up things according to their standpoint and they didn't notice the other noticed things. The doc will say many things about how clean, how great the operation theatre, etc., the eng will say the building structure is unique, plumping and electrical works are not up to the mark etc.,

SO 'I' IS MERELY a standpoint, a useful stand point, but still this not all of you. If you are able to see this point and understand and able to apply in life, the matter is finished. The whole jargon of spirituality ends.

ALL YOUR WORRIES over. You become something more than this 'i', a being, a tiny universal existence, but still a miniature universe. Simply you rejoice, though you use the 'i' on need like you use your hand or leg but you are free from the monologue instructions of some 'i' inside.


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  1. Master,

    There was an universal struggle rather than understanding what this 'I' means and this was the biggest struggle just like trying to come out of the mind.Your words are divine seeds which can help millions of seekers on their path and this could be the taste of divine for the being which is thirsty!