Friday, October 25, 2013



Beware of Mind.

It is a good protector as a dog preventing others trespasses into your space.
It is social tool.

But you should be very careful, that you should not allow the dog to become your master.
The dog should not decide what is good and bad for you.
Because it knows only the bad, its work is to bark on anything new, anybody new. It is trained for that purpose only.
It is only to be used against a thief.

But the problem of modern man is that he is completely dominated by the dog in all 24 hours.

He becomes so afraid.

He lost the capacity to allow the natural intelligence of his brain to see the things and respond.

He lost the capacity to live in heart, heart is the chariot on which you have to travel through life, but your chariot is going the way the dogs guide it.

The power of feelings, the horses of the chariot, becomes covered and running behind the dogs.

The dog is imitative, repetitive, slave; afraid and always worried about the thief, suspecting everything, never want to adventure, for the security and safety ready to lose freedom and spirit.

So beware of mind. It is developed as tool to protect by the brain. It is not you and don’t get attached with that, identified with that.

Brain is totally different. It is scientific, it is inventive, it is intelligent, it is always ready to grow, and full of adventure and thirst for truth.

Heart is feelings. It is always in the present, fresh, energy bubbling with curiosity and playfulness.
Heart is for friendship and sharing. It is exploding in the present always.

But mind, all opposite, always planning, preparing for the mishap, always remembering the bad things happened, always bringing the negative side of every experience, because its work is a watchman, protector.

So don’t take the advice of the watchman to live your life. Use him but beware of the friendship with him.

For a joyful life, celebrating life, watchman is a bad company.

Truly, when you taste the life, when you become grownup and mature, you will feel that now you don’t need the watchman. A point will come that you merge with existence and ecstasy, that now you want to live even the bad things because now you understand that the bad things are not that bad, instead they are part of life, complementarities of good, not opposites. Like dark is not against light, it is the resting side and light is the active side and both are needed in life. Really life happens only between the polarities. So they are not opposites.

But we become identified with watchman, always asking his advice and guidance, and we forget our original self, our potential and become a slave to watchman. He commands now on everything and he knows nothing.

He know only who attacks, his experience is always based on suspicion, fear and protective.
He functions only on comparison and past experiences.

So friends,
BE free from watchdog, that is the real freedom.

Conscious Love,