Thursday, July 31, 2014


What is this Grounding? Or Centering?

Always have a sense of body and you are grounded,

Always feel the Hara centre and you are grounded,

Always have the sense of where and what and you are grounded,

Always have the feel of your situation and you are grounded,

Always accept the reality and you are grounded,

Always act with awareness and you are grounded,

Always accept the death and you are grounded,

Always act in the present and you are grounded,

Never lose conscious and you are grounded,

Never fall into hallucination, imagination and you are grounded,

Never taken over by mind, by desires, by motivations and you are grounded,

Never pushed by others and you are grounded,

Never get into worry and you are grounded,

Never lose self-confidence and you are grounded,

There is so much and there is so many methods to teach them, train them.

But even after the training, when they go into life and try to practice, people are in a mess and they don’t feel centered. They don’t feel they find the ground. It is ok for managing day to day life but when they look inside, they get confused.

Where is my ground? Where is my centre? If i reached or touched the ground, then it must be there always and i should feel joy and i should be able to enjoy myself. Instead only it is like a tool i use to manage myself and this itself creates tension.

Even meditators, when trying to feel the Hara centre continuously are in a mess. They have to follow a certain discipline, adopt a certain way of life and then only they are able to feel the centre always. Otherwise they miss it or they struggle with themselves to be in the centre or in the grounding. This is strange because if it is grounding, then one must feel at ease and effortless and joy.

That is why we seek grounding or centering.  So what is the problem? 

Many meditators asked me about this. What is the real centre? Where is the real centre? What is our grounding? We feel grounded during the meditation but it never stays and if it is not staying, then how can it be grounding? So whatever we are taught in meditation workshops are something else, which gives us good feeling or they are not real grounding or centering.

That is true. During meditations you get the taste of some grounding or centering and that is not false also, but they are temporary grounds and you rest there. After sometime when you have taken enough rest there or when your mind is active again, you move away from the grounding. YOU HAVE STILL NOT REACHED THE REAL GROUNDING ON WHICH YOUR LIFE MOVES OR DANCES. If you touch that, then whatever the state of you, whatever the act of you, whatever the feeling of you , whatever the situation of you, you won’t lose the grounding.

So what is that? I don’t know how to explain it or to communicate it. But i can give you some examples. For a bird, for example, the sky is the grounding or centering.  for the fish, of course, the ocean is the grounding. It look strange, yap? Of course, because your idea of grounding or centering is something fixed, tiny. But that is the hindrance, the wrong idea.

So what is for humans?

For humans the grounding is consciousness or awareness or witnessing or nirvana or energy flow or let-go or whatsoever you want to call this. All other grounding or centering that we feel other than this are all relative to some partial state of you and not for your whole life. That is why you miss it when you change to another state.

So don’t stop anywhere and move to your real centre. That will give you bliss, you will be in utter relaxation and awareness. OSHO!


Sunday, July 13, 2014

Disciple hood – the intelligent way to Enlightenment

Dear friends,
Whatever is the growth of mankind, some things you cannot change?

For example, science can be taught, whatever is the creation of mind, created on the ground of logic can be taught. Language can be taught. Maths has to be taught only. Engineering, medical can be taught. Even in these, the subjects are taught but the application of the subject cannot be taught, but it has to be learned by the interested person.

In case of ART, only techniques can be given. Tips can be given. Basic approach can be given, but not the art itself.

 In case of science, 75 percent can be taught and only 25 percent, the person has to learn. How to apply the science to a person or circumstance or work is a learning and it needs intelligence. If a person is completely lost the touch of himself, he cannot be intelligent, that’s why most of the first rank academics fail in life. In case of ART 25 percent only can be taught and the remaining 75 percent has to be learned by the person interested. The interested person has to come close to himself, explore his inner territory, his feelings, his body and for that he has to watch the ARTIST again and again, live with the ARTIST, feel the ARTIST and see how the ARTIST fall in tune with himself and so he gets dissolved and the ART is emerging.

This way of learning is a great opportunity and nowadays only few are blessed with this. That’s why the arts are becoming rare. Particularly it becomes a rarity in poor countries like India, because the whole society is behind money, forgetting the real values of life. Of course when you are hungry, you cannot offer to learn ART. Because learning itself is possible only when you are relaxed, full of energy like a child. When you are struggling and fighting and in tension, you can only pickup the minimum requirements to win, you won’t look for beautifying things, enhancing things, enchanting things. ART is 75 percent to be learned, so naturally you go for something which can be taught mostly and you can use it for your immediate requirement of survival and reaching social values.

Now, the spirituality or the INNER SCIENCE and OSHO wants to use this word. In learning the Inner science or in that process comes a capacity of everlasting ability of not losing the self nature or self realisation, which is called enlightenment. So everybody have the potential for it and they don’t recognise it or they forget it or don’t realise it because they don’t enjoy in it. It is more like, you have a swimming pool in your home, but you never use it, you don’t realise it, you have no time to enjoy it and so you don’t have the real taste of enjoying the pool and so you go to the bar for relaxation. Meditation is your INNER POOL and you are alone there. Nobody else can enter there. All your relationships, friendships, work, business, family, society and all its values are outside the body, based on the body’s projecting sensual experiences but the INNER is independent, alone and you are and only YOU is there.

This is mystery of existence. You have an outer and an inner and you can enjoy both. Moreover the outer and inner are looking two but they are like two sides of the coin or two edges of the stick or the centre and circumference of a circle. They are not opposites but complementary. But only the way of outer struggle and finding comfort in outer can be taught. Bringing the inner being into the outer is ART. Absorbing the outer to the INNER BEING is spirituality, inner science.

This is more like you live as a tree. Rooted in your inner being and extending the outer branches. The whole life is absorbed in the roots and its dance is the outer tree. This cannot be taught. This is 100 percent learning only. In art at least 25 percent can be taught. Here anything taught will have only negative effect. It’s totally learning. No rules here, no steps here, no syllabus here, no certificates, no grades, no training, no time limit, nothing can be fixed here. It can be immediate, it can never be, nothing is certain from the point of mind ways.

But still in existence, there is one gift for us. That is the living of a Master. A Spiritual Master means a person, who becomes a Master to himself, self realised, found the roots, remembered his self nature. He lives it, he is it, he has it, and he is a live wire of life current. So he can be a catalytic agent, he can trigger your inner being. Any natural tuning is triggering the INNER BEING of any sensitive human, like the ocean, mountains, falls, river, forest etc., Even a wild flower or a stray dog can trigger. So is the Master.

So living near the Master, seeing Him, watching Him, drinking Him, getting tuned slowly, you fall in your self-nature which is, at the deepest point, is the same source for all. Without a Master, it is almost impossible, it is very arduous, tiresome, mostly you won’t complete, there are pitfalls like imagination, hallucination, ego comes through the back door etc.,

So for me, we should be very intelligent and understand that LEARNING is the only way for self nature and the best way to learn is from another human being that is the Master. The quality of readiness to learn, to be vulnerable, to be open is the quality called DISCIPLEHOOD. It has nothing to do with the Master. It is everything to do with an individual.

Master is same with a disciple or without a disciple. He is not dependent on the disciple. No disciple can dictate the Master. A master who is changing to attract more disciples is a fake and this is an easy way to identify the fake master.

So be a disciple, even without a master. Then nature becomes your master. Nature will bring the suitable master to you. Once the disciple is ready, the master appears, in any form, in any way, by any touch. The fake masters exist because of fake disciples. So don’t get disrupted by them. Be a real disciple, ready to live a life of disciple hood.
love, sidd.