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Dear friends,

OSHO'S CATHARSIS you may be knowing. OSHO is the first mystic who emphasis catharsis as a pre-requisite for Meditation. HE explains it in great and minute details.

THE REASON of HIS insistence is that the modern human is the most suppressed, repressed human in the whole history of the mankind. This is proved more and more by the doctors and psychologists by their findings that the root cause of all present human diseases and disorders are nothing but stress and tension. Because of the stress and tension modern humans are not able to relax into the body, relax into the nature and so the accumulations are never treated and that is the cause of all troubles.

MODERN HUMAN holds, suppress, repress and accumulate and he has no time and space in his stressed schedules. And the body and brain, at one point has to clean itself to keep up the survival and this pushes into many bodily and mental illnesses.

MOREOVER, MEDIATION is an experience of overflowing energy from higher transformed planes, it is an experience of expansion from the constrains of body and 'i'. So for this, the basic requirement is the overflowing energy in your system. For this you need a knotless, obstacle less body and brain. And all your emotional, sentimental storage inside, whether it is out of animal instinct or out of social feelings, they are obstacles, hindrances, knots in the flow of energy.Though, pure non-emotional information or learning are helpful for your comfort ability, they too are not helpful for transformation, please remember. It is like driving you learned and it is certainly increases comfort in life. Think your brain is a computer. Then, in computer, the datas will never create problem, only the softwares installed create problems. They are installed at a particular point for some specific work but they run continuously and eat up the energy of the computer.

SO TO CLEAN your suppressions, repressions catharsis is a must as a preparation for Meditation for the modern human.

THE SOCIETY doesn't allow your animal instincts to live. To hold power over you, to enslave you, the powerful people always bring rules and regulations by way of religious preaching, by way of duty, obedience, conscience, respect, morality, by way of creating many belief systems and with them they repress your natural instincts from the very beginning, from your childhood, because it is possible only then.

THIS DOESN'T NOT mean that humans to be freely allowed to harm others . A responsible society should help every child to express the animal instincts which are very natural and help to live them and understand them fully, so that it transforms or evolves automatically into human feelings. This should be the primary education. This needs understanding and loving atmosphere for the child. When a child lives wildly and taught to be aware of himself without any judgments of right or wrong, the child flowers into the human qualities like love, creativity, music, art, science, friendship, sharing etc.,

BUT ON THE contrary the child is suppressed, repressed, burdened with expectations of so called caring parents etc., and out of this - sadness, guilt, depression, escapism etc., are all born. And this non-stop working negative emotional knots eat up lot of energy always and so humans turn towards mind or stored knowledge ability to live and this way mind is given master post to command body and brain. Once you caught in the grip of mind it becomes very difficult to come out, because it has many faculties like language, logic, imagination etc., and it takes you round in its own knitted world, the MAYA and it is always round and round. With the more knowledge, more experience the round may become bigger or smaller but it is always round and round. That is the way of functioning of mind, it never touches the reality really. Only see through its ideas and explains.

TO MEDITATE, to jump out of mind, you need overflowing energy, which a suppression person will never have. So is the insistence and importance for catharsis.

OSHO CREATED many techniques like Gibberish, No mind, Reliving, Child again to do the catharsis and all are very useful to bring the freshness back to you.

THERE is another type of cleaning, which is also needed and we see that now.

NOT ONLY a child gets suppressed by others and by that get accumulated negative knots, thoughts, ideas but also A Child is also fed with so called positive knots like superiority, winner, successor, high, first, virtuous, good, great, noble and also a lot of ideas like dutiful, obedient, sacrifice, god fearing, motherland, mother tongue, cast, heritage superiority fanatic ideas, ego boosting social values, and your mind takes all this as positive and try to live up to that. Fighting to make yourself fit into the life of ideas. This softwares you willingly run in the brain computer, you willingly allow them to control the brain function.

WITH SUPPRESSIONS, repressions, you suffer unknowingly and you are consciously not allowing them to take over the brain but it is conrolling. But with positive knots you consciously give the remaining energy to mind and hope you are travelling in the right direction. This is the major portion of humanity and because of this attitude of non-awareness, majority is not seeking and searching in life, exploring in life. Instead trying to move fast in the dotted lines drawn in their mind.

ATLEAST THE so called negative people, who caught up totally by the animal instinct have the awareness that they have to grow from this, and what they do is animalistic. The so called positive people are totally doped by the society. You are enslaved by the vested interest of the powerful people, you become a hypocrite, you become mechanical, totally conditioned and the biggest unfortunate thing is that you don't even know that you are manipulated like this. This is the ignorance. Your wild child is still waiting inside deep down to live and explore the life and always it waits for the opportunity and this way you are divided, torn apart and this makes you energy less and miserable and as a result mind becomes your master.

SO THIS POSITIVE knots, ideas, thoughts are also to be cleaned. For this catharsis methods don't help. Instead you have use a different method. And this is "LIVING WITH AWARENESS' and "UNDERSTANDING YOUR MIND PATTERN".

BECAUSE THIS positives are also knots only. They are not out of your growth or understanding or transformation into human qualities. These also were knowledge fed by somebody, of course by the trusted people, blind beliefs accepted by you without questioning, only logical conclusions without living, dogmas & ideas of others. They were fed when you are vulnerable, weak, dependent, sick and fragile. This formed your mind and this dominates you. That is why there are many kinds of mind in the world.

You are trying to live up to the goals setup in your mind. And whenever you fulfill you are supplied with social drugs like attention, prestige, appreciation, honors, etc., You are allowed to use bodily drugs like alchol, tobacco etc., in controlled quantities. You are also allowed to enter into the fantasy of joy to a certain extent by entertainment. This is how you are managed.

TO COME OUT of this sleepiness, this ignorance, this false, mechanical, hypocrite world of mind, it is a must to taste meditativeness. Overflowing energy rises to higher realms and you expand beyond bodymind.

ON ONE HAND clean yourselves and on the other hand live intensely, dangerously, lovingly, patiently with awareness, and let the mind cry from a corner against you. In the process of cleaning or may be in the wild ways of living, you may touch the life. And once you touch you are taken over and only nature exists. Exists through your body & brain.


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  1. Master these are not just words this comes of pure consciousness and taste of blissfulness which will really help even the unaware to awareness.When I really tasted the above content it takes me into new dimension.