Friday, November 21, 2014


Dear friends,

Expand the present moment.
Yes. Don’t hang on to the past and don’t hope for the future. This is what OSHO says.

But to mean it, live it is an amazing experience or an endless experiencing.

You try it this way. Don’t go into the philosophy of it or into the questions of how can you live without the past or how can you live without future.

That is already minding and all arguments depend on the knowledge of the mind and the capacity to argue. Anything can be denied or convinced, it depends on the minds that argue.

So what i suggest is just experimentation. Put yourself into this experiment.

Just sit relaxed. No closing of eyes or anything. No focus or concentration. Just sit and feel,
Whatever comes up, feel!

Touch of sounds, touch of the air, touch of light from around,
your touch of eyes on things around, trees around or anything,
touch of smells on you, touch of anything,
may be thoughts enter you and go from you, dreams float in your mind,
mind starts chattering, body moves, sensations in the body,
you want to drink water, thirsty, hunger, feeling your body hot, cool,
feeling nothing etc.,

Your eyes enlarge, become wide on seeing something, you feel the climate, trees, plants, insects, may be you feel them deep inside you or you are deep inside of them etc.,

You feel the urge of doing something arise in you, mind urges urgency, mind argues to plan or to analyse something etc.,

You see the feeling of people who built this house, who plant this tree, you see the feel of a bird sitting, you feel the smell of the soil, you feel the people around, you feel the people who lived here, their love, hate, struggle, birth, death, many more...,   

You go on seeing and aware and you become more and more aware of the present moment and you don’t stop or focus on any particular thing. Don’t get concentrated or focused.

Be more aware of the present, feel the sun, moon, stars, earth, sea, snow of Himalayas, desert of Rajasthan, ocean of Andaman, etc., 

Feel the mosquito which bites you, feel the breath going in and coming out, feel the aliveness of the body, the wind blowing, the entire organic world moving, go on and on and on into the awareness.

Put all your energy to be aware at the most of the present. Feel the child going to school, old lady resting tired, labour working hard, aware of the sky and the sky beyond the earth, feel the movement of earth, forces operating around you like radio waves, light, current, magnetic force, brainwaves etc, etc., whatever is possible bring more and more into your awareness. Many things may seem to be an imagination in the first but you can be aware slowly. Sometimes you start from knowledge and then feel, sometimes directly you feel something but always end up with feeling and not fall into thinking.

Awareness is just you be a mirror, a mirror of energy, in which you bring everything.

The beauty and the miracle of the awareness is that it is like a torch light and on whatsoever you turn, you can see through and through.

It is just a habit that we go on thinking inside the knowledge bank of ours about everything. Instead just be aware and suddenly you see more deep and you feel deeper.

When you are deep into this moment, deep into the awareness process, awareness touching the awareness also happens.

Yup. You got it. This is meditation.

Until you submerge into this awareness, go on expand your present moment, until your mind stops, your tiny world drops, your body emotions evaporate, your hopes die, your habits gone, go on and on into the present moment.

Expand the present moment to all the presence. May be you are gone and the presence of this moment is only here and you are simply a very tiny part of it but organically joined with it.

You are it as a taste but not as an outsider anymore. Existence is not outside separate from you may be. You are existence but not only you.

The feeling of present moment may cover endless time of the past and endless time of the future. It can become the whole eternity. Anything of past, as you think may be wrong and it can become your present.

Time is a small memory storage devise and seeing through it is one way of arranging memories for reuse. But present is so vast and the presence is so whole that nothing can be out of it.

All and everything becomes your contemporary or you disappear and only the presence is there.

When the awareness goes so deep that it touches the awareness itself, you transcend into a new feeling of existence. In that existence, there is no I and Thou. Only isness. You can divide a centre and a circumference from your memory but inseparable. You may explain a silence of rock and a dancing force around from your mind but a whole without any division.

So simply fall into the present moment and allow yourself to be merged into it. Then there is nothing else. There is no inside and outside, there is no search and seeker, there is no i and thou, there is no past and future. Just life and life and life, that’s all. Just a dance, a silence dancing, that’s all. There is nowhere to go and nothing to attain.

Live this moment. Life is only this moment. This is the only truth.



Tuesday, November 11, 2014


My dear friends,
Communism claims that it is materialistic and the religions claim that they are spiritualistic.
But how this nonsense approach come into existence I don’t understand. Are we so stupid, so unscientific and so gullible? Yes may be.
Religions claim that they are spiritualistic, that means they are spiritual oriented, first and foremost for them is spiritual values and they least interested in material world. This is true and they behaved that way at least in India and the outcome is that India becomes poor and unscientific. Not only that, the so called spiritualists, most of them except a few - and those few anyhow need no philosophy for their way of life – they all become escapists, hypocrites and blind believers. They have become spiritualists only for easy food and shelter and lazy life. No search involved. They simply pretend like disciples or followers for some path of somebody and slowly, slowly they even forget this pretendness and they simply started believing that this is the way of life for them. Simply believe and beg the so called god or guru. Take no responsibility, no initiative, keep your desires suppressed, condemn yourself and condemn the people who enjoy life. But what kind of spirituality is this? What kind of maturity is this? What they lived and experienced? They become parasites of the society.
Moreover the spiritual leaders become the secret agents of the kings who ruled. In the name of religion they create all god stories or puranas to support the king, to enslave the people, ideas which will suppress the poor, suppress the revolt against the rulers. They keep rules separate for kings, separate for poor, separate for rich, separate for themselves. All temples of god or avatars or gurus are used as a social means to control and console the people. What kind of spirituality is this? This is a cunning politics in the name of spirituality.

What kind of spiritual philosophy they held? A creator god, a maintenance god, a destroyer god – looks like running a factory. A linga, the phallic symbol to worship and this can be understood because in the olden days, children must be the wealth of the tribe because children means more power to fight, the group becomes stronger. And of course a child born out of intercourse and at the same time not every intercourse produces children. So the tribes must have worshipped the phallic symbol before and after making the intercourse, to make it a success by making the woman pregnant. And they worship sun, moon, rain, fire, elephant, lion etc., simply whatever frightens them and whatever’s favour they needed.
Of course in the west, Christianity from the very beginning only pretends and so the church becomes the first and foremost corporate, the largest and richest corporate. The whole corporate culture of brainwashing the people and calling it the corporate philosophy is born out of it.

Ok. This is our spiritual history. Of course there were really few scientific and playful people around but after their death, the spiritual agents converted the whole life of these people as they want and used it to enslave the people more. For example Krishna’s life is converted into a story mine for the so called spiritualists. Also in case of Buddha, he was narrated as evil but still accepted as the avatar of god, of course an evil avatar and a foolish gullible story was made explaining why he has born like this.
In Tamilnadu, all the Buddhist and Jain temples were converted into Hindu temples with 1000 years but alas, now every Hindu temple carries a Sthala-purana (a fiction involving a god and a miracle performed at that place) of its own to explain how it comes into existence. What foolishness! Because only you are educated, you can write any rubbish and moreover the believers are not expected even to think against anything told about god. Doubting is beyond your limit. In recent past, just in 20th century, Raman Maharishi lived a very simple life, not preaching any god or any religion but only repeatedly told to search who you are. His whole teaching is condensed in three words, who am i? That’s all. But now if you go to the place where he lived, it is hilarious to see how he has been converted into a Hindu god to worship, pray and beg for favour.
Now we see the great materialists. The communists, who think that they are great thinkers, and their Karl Marx, Lenin and Mao established a new way of life, founded new philosophy and revolutionalised the world.

On one hand, in the present practical world, the communists utterly failed, communism failed, the government under this philosophy failed. The basic reason for this is simple that no human is ready to get satisfied with food and shelter. Life is not merely food and shelter and 2 sets of dress per year. It is never ending process and there is no limit for it. Any philosophy has to fall short of it. The life is a search. The deepest feeling in every human being is this seeking, seeking what they may not know, but the deepest feeling is to seek and search. The search may be for the peace, the lost home, the lost womb, as the modern psychologists suggest. But everybody is in the process of seeking, seeking something, this is true.
Now I take their philosophy of materialistic outlook. They say there is no spirit and only matter exists. The water runs and this doesn’t mean that the water has a soul. Nobody thinks like that. Then why only humans have to bring soul for his life behaviour? This is perfectly right. But what I ask them is, why they waste their time is fighting against the soul which is not existent. Because their whole philosophy of revolution and act of violence is based on this, that is treating the humans like basic material, so that you don’t feel guilt of killing the other human beings.

For me body is enough and I accept their stand. This material is enough. I live it; I live it totally, intensely, joyfully and playfully. I want to know it intrinsically, not only as an observer but also by feeling it, by living it. Is it wrong?  For example take the case of water. It runs, it is his quality, that’s all; there is no soul, that’s right. Now the water jumps in some places, falls in some places, move slowly in some places, becomes vapour in somewhere, becomes cloud and wander on the sky somewhere, becomes ice and snow somewhere, Right? So like this I want to live my body’s life, my body’s potentialities, my body’s possibilities fully, Right? By living my body like this, new new feelings I get, like beauty, love, friendship, music, art, laugh, wonder, peace, silence, contend, sharing etc., etc., other than the animal emotions that comes with the body normally, Right?
Like this a feeling of organic unity with the existence also happened to somebody and they expressed that in their words. This is branded as spirituality by the so called religious leaders and was made as a philosophy and sold. This selling is absolutely wrong. But at the same time, refusing to live the life fully, negating the higher possibilities of human growth is also equally wrong. Are not they? Body is material, but material of many kinds. Feelings, thoughts, emotions, brain waves, memory systems, nervous current, etc., are very subtle materials and we should be open for more findings, more subtle things and no-things. What is in the name? You can call subtle material or soul or compassion or meditation or consciousness or witnessing or anything. But in the name of materialism, why you close the life of humans? This is again a trick to enslave the people, to hide your guilt of violence.
All old time intellectuals turned into spiritualists and new age thinkers turned into materialists. But both want to exploit the poor and want to live a lazy life. In the olden times, the spiritual thinkers, in India the Brahmins and in every place some kind of  priests, become the agent of the king and rich and join hands in exploiting the masses. In the 20th century, lot of intellectuals were neglected by the kings and the rich and so the intellectuals find the philosophy of materialism and they convince the masses of their exploitation and become leaders and win the power, comfort and prestige. So basically there is no truth in spiritualism and there is no truth in materialism. Both are ways and means for intellectuals to live in comfort and power.

All philosophies are hoax. Life is infinite. Life is indefinable. Life is vast and a dance in vast scale. Life is beyond the power of intellectual understanding. Life is a mystery. You can jump into it, merge with it, be it, taste it but you cannot control or conceive it by your mind. You can move into deeper realms of life, and those experiences or feelings are not expressible but truer than anything defined by the mind.
So we live and love the life in its totality. It’s all dimensions. And to have the deepest feelings you need to touch the meditation and to have the highest comfort you need to touch the science. Science without deep feelings is having the beautiful drawing without the eyes and negating the body and its life and seeking deeper feelings is like you want to enjoy the ocean without even learning the swimming in the pool.

We live both and with deepest feeling called meditation, we understand that there is no separation in existence. No opposites in existence. All are complementary to each other, they support each other, they are joined in the deep and they are in deep organic unity. Left is not left and right is not right, they are one, not even one as separate, they are in the whole, like the bubbles in the ocean, they exist separately but they are not separate and they are ocean itself.


Sunday, November 9, 2014

From struggle to spontaneity is the growth of Humanity

What is wrong with this life? How we create newnew problems in the world?

The only answer is that, we are struggling and fighting continuously. This is the way of life taught to us by the society from our childhood. This is the way we are taught to live and to face the outside world. So we fight and struggle with ourselves, with our inner also.

It is like two ends of a stick, our inner and outer. They are not separate, they look like that but they are deeply connected, inseparable and one.

But for our mind it is two separate things. I and thou. So considering that we are not having authentic experience of ‘no mind’ state of being, we have inner and outer separate. Moreover how we are to the outside, same attitude gets applied to our inner also.

So OSHO says to accept, not even accept but enjoy, rejoice (enjoying with awareness) the inner, rejoice yourselves and the same attitude will come to the outside also. The outside changes without any effort, very naturally. Not only that, by rejoicing the inner, the inner emotions grow naturally to the next level of growth, to a higher feelings. From animalist to humanness, from humanness to divineness.

So the basic problem is struggling and fighting attitude. This was taught to you by way of splitting you, your inner first, in your very early childhood itself. Your consciousness, awareness has been made clouded by the society. You were given a name, a false importance, and the self image creating process is triggered by others in you in your very early childhood. By having created a self image with your name and with your mother, father and surroundings, your inner gets split. Your self-image opposes your animality inside. When you grow up, you create another basic division by having ego – a condensed self image of supremacy or complex – a condensed self image of inferiority. Other than your ego or complex, all other accrued things from the society become your sub-conscious mind. So your splits go on increasing and each one is fighting with the other inside and this eats up your whole energy and your consciousness.

But a conscious mind, an ego or complex is a necessary evil, so you cannot blame your family or society for that. You have to feel separate, only then you can be taught the social way, You can inherit the human growth. But you should be taught to drop it and be yourself also, without this split. But this is not taken care of by the society. This is completely forgotten.

This is what OSHO insists. A child has to be taught to be original, just to be a consciousness, an awareness, an unsplit being, a whole, a small existence itself, a bubble in the ocean of existence and this feeling, this truth, he calls meditation.

Ok. You are split in many many ways. By nations, by language, by religion, by family etc. etc. and you become weaker and weaker. Also you see the outside also with so many splits and you become an expert in splitting things. This creates more fighting and struggling both inside and outside. Inside you fight with your spontaneity and outside you fight out of fear created by your vision of split. Your conscious mind is a splitting machine and it goes on splitting everything into two, everybody into two, either a friend or foe. Life becomes a struggle, you become more and more a closed and sealed box in existence.

Now i see a question in the mind? Then what you want? Accept any humility, any exploitation, any slavery, even when i clearly see?

NO. A strong NO. I didn’t mean it. Keep your self-respect. The difference or the line dividing the self-respect and struggle is that of defence and offence. Be defensive. Be aware. Keep your space. Die but don’t give-up yourself. Because then you become a slave and all chances of growth is lost. Your life will be simply a means for somebody’s exploitation.

Instead get your consciousness free from the associations, free from the clouded vision. Let your consciousness be pure like a clean mirror. Let it reflect everything. But it owns nothing, it has no imprints. So let it be your ego or subconscious mind or complex or animality or outside impacts or whatever the case, be aware that they are all reflections in your consciousness only. They change but your mirror of consciousness is always clean, and you never get dusty from these. This will make you to live spontaneously, to respond spontaneously, to respond naturally. You live as a natural human being.

This is the basic need. And when you live like this, with keeping your consciousness always free and you live with this awareness, your animalistic unconscious emotions will blossom into humanistic conscious feelings. Life naturally takes you to the next evolution stage. Not only that, the outside also becomes a paradise and you enjoy, you feel grateful about it and you don’t rape the nature.

Life becomes an organic unity; you feel everything inside you and also in the inside of everything outside you feel yourself. Then life is a continuous celebration, no complaints, no fear, every happening is good, ecstatic and even death is not a cut but a continuum. The whole life becomes a play and your life becomes the dance of existence expressing beauty, truth and consciousness.