Friday, March 15, 2013


Dear friends,

MEDITATION TECHNIQUES are very helpful. There are many developed by mystics to help the people around them. Heart oriented, Hara oriented, Groundedness or Centeredness techniques, Active and Passive, Tantra, Yoga, Witnessing directly, Let go or Surrender and they are all helpful tremendously.

I PERSONALLY been helped immensely by OSHO Dynamic, Zazen, Relaxation into Hara meditation techniques. But i want to say beware of meditation techniques.

FIRST WHAT is a meditation technique? It is something you start doing from your mind. Secondly it is not meditation itself. It is an effort to create an inner climate in which meditation may blossom. OSHO explained everything very beautifully. It is to be playful, happy, without loosing witnessing, not to be goal oriented or ego centered, put the mind on music etc., so that somehow to make the mind's involvement very less from the beginning.

BUT STILL it is a mind's effort. The purpose of the devise is to take you to the beyond mind space. To give a new expansion of your feeling. And that new space is beyond mind, beyond body experiences, knowledge, reasoning, logic, social values, social relationships, social feelings. In one say it is not the world you know already. So basically techniques are not connected in any way with the Meditative state. That is why OSHO insists that, you decide meditation and everything in life, everything you come across, 24 hours are all devices and nothing else. This whole world is not a real world but a devise to move to the real world. This stand point is absolutely needed for a meditator to move on.

AND CERTAINLY, ABSOLUTELY there is no connection between body's world and this new expansion. IT IS LIKE one side is deep water and the other side is forest divided by a high wall. You are on the forest side and you take a tree post and use it to high jump the wall to fell on the other side. It is a good and intelligent effort, there is no doubt in it. But there comes a moment in your high jump, that you have to leave the post and let go you to fall on the other side. IF YOU hold the post or if you miss the timing, though you jump and the jump is enough, you fall back on the same side. It is possible also that someone just get struck by jumping with the post practice, without going near the wall also . This gives experiences, of course of the jumping, then ego comes in. It start imagining what you want, its start explaining, fixing and the most dangerous is get struck, get addicted, get associated and that is the trouble. I have seen in many people that it follows life after life.

THAT IS WHY i want to say beware of techniques, devises. Don't get struck, don't allow the mind to judge the happenings. Absolutely you should be playful in using the techniques. Particularly in Tantric Techniques. In OSHO active techniques also people fall into a kind of mechanical doing but still it is not so harmful. It can break at some point or become only a body exercise or a ego fulfilling act or an addiction but not harmful deeply. But in Tantric Techniques, you become feeling full and in that keeping the awareness is very difficult and you may miss it and fall into identification or indulgence. Not only that you miss but you enjoy so much that it becomes an addiction, it gives you a certain joy like in taking drugs, temporarily out of worries and you will struck with that and it will continue for lifes. This particularly i want to insist.

ALSO THE love, the surrender, the Master disciple relationship , all that is in the spiritual path are all devises only. Never get struck anywhere. In Tantric techniques the advantage is that you experience, you feel and it is more real and not thinking, but you may get hooked with indulgence. That is why OSHO says that a master and a specific environment is a must for Tantric practice. For active meditations, the problem is mind starts thinking and manipulating, making you mechanical, and so the real intensity never happens. So in that remember to relax from mind, let go, playful, total and intense in body, otherwise you get struck.

ALSO IT IS good to approach the day to day life with the not technical but qualitative way. Be feelingful, be a witness, act totally, jump into intensity, increase sensitivity, feel life & death, feel nature, enjoy the gifts of laughter, wonder, creativity, beauty etc.,

KEEP DOING the meditation techniques also. Otherwise slowly, unknowingly, the unconscious will change the priority from meditation to trivia. Doing techniques will be a self reminder to keep the priority. But i suggest you to do them every day as the day one, new, without any trace of practice.

THESE THINGS keep your way more beautiful, more balanced, and slowly in this rejoicing, doings go, happenings come, you merge with life, a great trust arise, gratitude fills you, all techniques fall back, suddenly you are living there already.


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