Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Dear friends,

THIS is my first post, the day, today, i am starting this blog.

ONE DAY, after finishing the dynamic meditation technique, walking in the garden slowly i see the deepest connection between love and meditation.

IN MY long journey as a seeker, always a question or a separation is standing there intellectually in my mind, though in life who bothers about the intellectual standing, thank you for the integrity exists in us rooted in feelings and not in intellectual ideas one is holding.

SO WHENEVER some discussion happens, when we are not alone, we are social, this separation of love and meditation crops up.

AND MOSTLY it is concluded with an answer that both are separate paths, separate approaches, separate techniques, at least in the beginning of the inner journey and according to the individuals. both merge in the end or when you have merged enough in one, the other also shows up.

BUT OSHO again and again insists that love & meditation are like 2 wings of the bird. but then how can you start the journey with one wing.

IN PUNE resort they insist 'meditation is the only way'. they seems to think that love is a private affair.

INDIANS in the name of love jump into each other and hide their beings inside. don't want to struggle with meditation techniques. for them love is to show and meditation is a private affair.

STRANGE approaches. but for all in common love and meditation remains separate or atleast in starting point it is separate.

BECAUSE of this conditioned idea of separation, and so the logic and language stems out of this idea, though in life there is no separation, i was not able to explain the connection in words.

I ALWAYS feel myself with both and wonder what i am doing. not following totally the love and not following totally the meditation techniques.

MY LOVE feeling always come with awareness and it is strange that i never fall in love, though i loved lot of women and men. love changed me a lot but never it has given me suffering.

MEDITATION always make me soft and vulnerable and loving and is it meditation really i wonder many times.

BUT I can tell you now in words also how love and meditation is one and inseparable.

MY MEDITATION nature i found out of my immense self love. and loving oneself is just a natural quality. love and meditation for me is like roots and branches. meditation is the root and loving is the stem, branches, flowers, fragrance and fruits.

ONLY THING i can say is that when am freed from conditioning or social mind or the society inside, that very moment i start moving or walking towards love and meditation. only the social mind - which contains lot of feelings created by the society, ideas, dogmas, beliefs, philosophies - is the barrier.

WHEN THAT social structure fell out of my brain, suddenly i stand before the nature naked, open, risky, without protection. but it is beautiful. because from there my trust born and grown. my love & meditation starts naturally. life becomes a expression of existence. very weightless, light, without any individual principle, without any separate aims, no separate life, but still very much alive.

ONLY WHEN YOU EXPRESS, because of the limits of expression, you may talk about love and you see love that time and you may talk about meditation and you see meditation that time. but how deep you feel the love or trust that much you feel the meditative nature also. this is inseparable. that is why loving people, who may not heard of meditation but their nature is meditative.

ONE MORE emphasis i want to make is - this love we are talking about is more nearer to loving oneself than any other love. Also it is nearer to the trust, which for me is a better, unpolluted replacement of the word loving.

IN THIS PLACE of love and meditation, there are other qualities like silence, bliss, ecstasy, laughter, witnessing, beauty, timelessness, intelligence, creativity are all there naturally.

HERE EVEN THE ego is not an interference, but a tool, a usable standpoint, serving its purpose.

NOTHING CHANGES. the outside includes the body, mind, society, circumstance and the whole universe. inside witnessing is not separate from outside and so there is no outside and inside. only a center with changing or dancing or evolving circumference.

SO LOVE and meditation is not separate. loving oneself deeply, you enter into the meditation space also. when you enter into the meditation you become the overflowing love also.

THIS IS not a concept or philosophy, take this only an expression. it may change if you ask me again, but only the expression changes. and it will go on change because of the dialectic nature of our language.


conscious love,

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