Friday, March 15, 2013


Dear friends,

WHEN YOU are learning 'car driving' you keep that as priority, whole day you wait for that, your body, mind and emotions turned towards it. And at the time of learning nothing else is important only this. This is how you learn it.

BUT ONCE you have learned, your body reflexes learned the car driving, you can change the priority to something else. Even while you are driving, you have no need to keep it as a priority.

THIS IS applicable to all outside doings. Actually once the thing is learned and understood by the brain, next time it is done without your conscious effort. Brain throws this to its unconscious working knowledge or mechanical responses recorded storage.

BUT THIS is not the case with Meditation. That's why when a person stops doing meditation, his conscious growth stopped, not only slips down but also he falls back into the unconscious.

BUT USUALLY because of the practical experience we have with outside things, we treat meditation also in the same way. We do it for few days and then feel now you know it, understand it, got it. But it is not so. Why? BECAUSE AS for as the outside things learning, it is within the reach of the body's capacity and so once it is learned, it can be stored and reproduced without your consciousness.

BUT MEDITATION is outside the boundary of past experiences of body & brain. Moreover even when you entered into the new space or new experience beyond the past, you cannot store it because it is happening beyond the normal body system. You become more like fragrance than like tree. Tree cannot store the fragrance, though from it, it is produced. Even the flowers are part of it but not the fragrance. Meditation is more like fragrance. The qualities love, beauty, rejoicing, silence and many like this, are all fragrances possible for humans. Tree can rejoice the releasing of fragrance through it but it cannot hold it.

SO EVERY time you have to start from body and after entering into the new experience or new realm or new space, you have to remain there and live there. You cannot bring anything from there to the body understanding, because it happens totally beyond the body in another plane of existence.

SO ALWAYS you have to keep Meditation in the top priority, if you want to live it. It is not practice-able. It is only livable, always new, fresh, deeper.

YOU MAY have known the artists, how so ever great, long time, but continuously every day they play music, sing songs, dance, poets rejoice in aloneness, because otherwise they fall back into normal body. You have to live it every day and that is the only way to remain as an artist.

MEDITATION IS deeper than artistry. So what to say. THIS IS one of the important weakness, i come across from the seekers. The people once get power, money, prestige, fame, wealth even in the so called seeker's society, they stop meditating or they give the top priority to something else, like important works, helping others, running meditation corporate, etc.,

I ALWAYS insist people who visit me, that if they want to talk, discuss, share or enquire with me, there is one simple criteria, that is they should be meditating at least one hour totally and so i know that at least at sometime in a day meditation becomes their top priority.

IF A SEEKER slips from this, alas, whatever his past credentials, he or she will be taken over by the unconscious mind. All their talent, knowledge, experiences will be manipulated by the unconscious mind. This is how all the do-gooders always do harm to everybody, in the name of love, understanding, sincerity, protection etc.,

IF A SEEKER wants to reach the living of an evolved natural state, that is enlightenment state, then he or she must keep in top priority always meditation. Then the whole life becomes a devise for meditation and nothing else. Then you move fast, deep, total and intense towards the next natural state.


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  1. Thank you sidharth, I was little off track in life for some time. this blog is now putting me on track now. Thank you ance again siddharth.-NAVAL.