Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Dear friends,

OSHO'S CATHARSIS you may be knowing. OSHO is the first mystic who emphasis catharsis as a pre-requisite for Meditation. HE explains it in great and minute details.

THE REASON of HIS insistence is that the modern human is the most suppressed, repressed human in the whole history of the mankind. This is proved more and more by the doctors and psychologists by their findings that the root cause of all present human diseases and disorders are nothing but stress and tension. Because of the stress and tension modern humans are not able to relax into the body, relax into the nature and so the accumulations are never treated and that is the cause of all troubles.

MODERN HUMAN holds, suppress, repress and accumulate and he has no time and space in his stressed schedules. And the body and brain, at one point has to clean itself to keep up the survival and this pushes into many bodily and mental illnesses.

MOREOVER, MEDIATION is an experience of overflowing energy from higher transformed planes, it is an experience of expansion from the constrains of body and 'i'. So for this, the basic requirement is the overflowing energy in your system. For this you need a knotless, obstacle less body and brain. And all your emotional, sentimental storage inside, whether it is out of animal instinct or out of social feelings, they are obstacles, hindrances, knots in the flow of energy.Though, pure non-emotional information or learning are helpful for your comfort ability, they too are not helpful for transformation, please remember. It is like driving you learned and it is certainly increases comfort in life. Think your brain is a computer. Then, in computer, the datas will never create problem, only the softwares installed create problems. They are installed at a particular point for some specific work but they run continuously and eat up the energy of the computer.

SO TO CLEAN your suppressions, repressions catharsis is a must as a preparation for Meditation for the modern human.

THE SOCIETY doesn't allow your animal instincts to live. To hold power over you, to enslave you, the powerful people always bring rules and regulations by way of religious preaching, by way of duty, obedience, conscience, respect, morality, by way of creating many belief systems and with them they repress your natural instincts from the very beginning, from your childhood, because it is possible only then.

THIS DOESN'T NOT mean that humans to be freely allowed to harm others . A responsible society should help every child to express the animal instincts which are very natural and help to live them and understand them fully, so that it transforms or evolves automatically into human feelings. This should be the primary education. This needs understanding and loving atmosphere for the child. When a child lives wildly and taught to be aware of himself without any judgments of right or wrong, the child flowers into the human qualities like love, creativity, music, art, science, friendship, sharing etc.,

BUT ON THE contrary the child is suppressed, repressed, burdened with expectations of so called caring parents etc., and out of this - sadness, guilt, depression, escapism etc., are all born. And this non-stop working negative emotional knots eat up lot of energy always and so humans turn towards mind or stored knowledge ability to live and this way mind is given master post to command body and brain. Once you caught in the grip of mind it becomes very difficult to come out, because it has many faculties like language, logic, imagination etc., and it takes you round in its own knitted world, the MAYA and it is always round and round. With the more knowledge, more experience the round may become bigger or smaller but it is always round and round. That is the way of functioning of mind, it never touches the reality really. Only see through its ideas and explains.

TO MEDITATE, to jump out of mind, you need overflowing energy, which a suppression person will never have. So is the insistence and importance for catharsis.

OSHO CREATED many techniques like Gibberish, No mind, Reliving, Child again to do the catharsis and all are very useful to bring the freshness back to you.

THERE is another type of cleaning, which is also needed and we see that now.

NOT ONLY a child gets suppressed by others and by that get accumulated negative knots, thoughts, ideas but also A Child is also fed with so called positive knots like superiority, winner, successor, high, first, virtuous, good, great, noble and also a lot of ideas like dutiful, obedient, sacrifice, god fearing, motherland, mother tongue, cast, heritage superiority fanatic ideas, ego boosting social values, and your mind takes all this as positive and try to live up to that. Fighting to make yourself fit into the life of ideas. This softwares you willingly run in the brain computer, you willingly allow them to control the brain function.

WITH SUPPRESSIONS, repressions, you suffer unknowingly and you are consciously not allowing them to take over the brain but it is conrolling. But with positive knots you consciously give the remaining energy to mind and hope you are travelling in the right direction. This is the major portion of humanity and because of this attitude of non-awareness, majority is not seeking and searching in life, exploring in life. Instead trying to move fast in the dotted lines drawn in their mind.

ATLEAST THE so called negative people, who caught up totally by the animal instinct have the awareness that they have to grow from this, and what they do is animalistic. The so called positive people are totally doped by the society. You are enslaved by the vested interest of the powerful people, you become a hypocrite, you become mechanical, totally conditioned and the biggest unfortunate thing is that you don't even know that you are manipulated like this. This is the ignorance. Your wild child is still waiting inside deep down to live and explore the life and always it waits for the opportunity and this way you are divided, torn apart and this makes you energy less and miserable and as a result mind becomes your master.

SO THIS POSITIVE knots, ideas, thoughts are also to be cleaned. For this catharsis methods don't help. Instead you have use a different method. And this is "LIVING WITH AWARENESS' and "UNDERSTANDING YOUR MIND PATTERN".

BECAUSE THIS positives are also knots only. They are not out of your growth or understanding or transformation into human qualities. These also were knowledge fed by somebody, of course by the trusted people, blind beliefs accepted by you without questioning, only logical conclusions without living, dogmas & ideas of others. They were fed when you are vulnerable, weak, dependent, sick and fragile. This formed your mind and this dominates you. That is why there are many kinds of mind in the world.

You are trying to live up to the goals setup in your mind. And whenever you fulfill you are supplied with social drugs like attention, prestige, appreciation, honors, etc., You are allowed to use bodily drugs like alchol, tobacco etc., in controlled quantities. You are also allowed to enter into the fantasy of joy to a certain extent by entertainment. This is how you are managed.

TO COME OUT of this sleepiness, this ignorance, this false, mechanical, hypocrite world of mind, it is a must to taste meditativeness. Overflowing energy rises to higher realms and you expand beyond bodymind.

ON ONE HAND clean yourselves and on the other hand live intensely, dangerously, lovingly, patiently with awareness, and let the mind cry from a corner against you. In the process of cleaning or may be in the wild ways of living, you may touch the life. And once you touch you are taken over and only nature exists. Exists through your body & brain.


Sunday, March 17, 2013


Dear friends,

THE WHOLE spirituality surrounds the so called 'i'. All spiritual teaching and paths agree on one point that the 'i' has to be dropped. This 'i' is the center of mind, minding and mind world. This 'i' is the central root on which the whole my, mine, myself, all the possessiveness, protection, fear, greed etc., are all grow. This 'i' has grown to the modern man more and so his cunningness, politics, ego, etc., are all grown much. His tension and stress get multiplied.

EVEN THOUGH this 'i' is there on one side, driving you crazy on continuous minding, there is always a inner subtle feelings on the other side which goes on surfacing in every being. Out of this, love, creativity, friendship, silence, laughter, wonder, adventure like qualities are also born for humans.

WHATEVER THE basic nature of action, whether it is inner quality based or social conditioning based or your animal instinct based, , when you involve in action you need an 'i'. Without 'i' you cannot organize the work. This 'i' is like the "operation system" installed in a computer, like windows 8. Only with this you add all other software and organize the entire working process. In addition you store, analyze, create using your software. But a 'os' is a must for working of computer or a brain. Without this, a computer becomes simply a calculator or brain like an animal brain, can do only simple things, few things, not many, not complex things, not creative.

SO WHAT is this 'i' in human. It is a STAND POINT. The stand point given to a child by the parents, teachers, education and all in the society. A child first is given a name. say 'maaka'. First when you say 'maaka is walking' when the child walks, child didn't get it. The next time the child walks it will say 'maaka is walking'. You correct it immediately saying that, don't say 'maaka walking', say 'i am walking'. 'maaka' is you, your 'i'. Then child with this stand point try to gather things or store things and it helps tremendously. Whenever the child wants to remember it is very easy to fetch. Otherwise there are thousands and thousands of things around and the senses pickup all. So this 'i' filter the needy and filter what to store and what to throw in recycle bin.

THEN THE child uses the same method of installing many small 'i's within this 'i' as useful software, like i belong to this family, this country, this street, this caste, i am a student, i am a doctor, i am an engineer and also like i am intelligent, i am a fool etc ., and all these software were take hold of the child soon. FIRST YOU add software of 'i's to add efficiency but soon it takes over and there is no moment in your life, without some 'i' is functioning. This is exactly the problem of human.

THE BRAIN with all this 'i' software within the basic 'i' OS, continuously under pressure to sort out and decide what is to do and what is not. How to function, what orders to give to the body, which 'i' to give preference and this is creates confusion and great chaos. Furthermore, more compulsive orders come from animal instinct and sensitivity of senses, like in the computer the more basic operations goes on in from registry, boot files and for hardware check. To exist beyond the 'i' standpoint is the existence beyond mind. In the evolution process, mind or the 'i' standpoint in the brain takes a jump and leads human to a more comfortable living. The science, logic, mathematics, language, teaching are all becomes possible by the great accumulation and concentration ability of human, and that comes out of the 'i' jump and great usage of the 'i' standpoint.

I AM A DOC, you think and remember and store and create the doc 'i' standpoint software. This is very helpful when you work in the hospital, visit hospitals, lab, patients, because this standpoint filters out all the unnecessary things other than the standpoint of doctor, and picks up the minute details helpful for the doctor. For example a doc and eng enter into a new hospital building and after rounding came out, both picked up things according to their standpoint and they didn't notice the other noticed things. The doc will say many things about how clean, how great the operation theatre, etc., the eng will say the building structure is unique, plumping and electrical works are not up to the mark etc.,

SO 'I' IS MERELY a standpoint, a useful stand point, but still this not all of you. If you are able to see this point and understand and able to apply in life, the matter is finished. The whole jargon of spirituality ends.

ALL YOUR WORRIES over. You become something more than this 'i', a being, a tiny universal existence, but still a miniature universe. Simply you rejoice, though you use the 'i' on need like you use your hand or leg but you are free from the monologue instructions of some 'i' inside.


Friday, March 15, 2013


Dear friends,

MEDITATION TECHNIQUES are very helpful. There are many developed by mystics to help the people around them. Heart oriented, Hara oriented, Groundedness or Centeredness techniques, Active and Passive, Tantra, Yoga, Witnessing directly, Let go or Surrender and they are all helpful tremendously.

I PERSONALLY been helped immensely by OSHO Dynamic, Zazen, Relaxation into Hara meditation techniques. But i want to say beware of meditation techniques.

FIRST WHAT is a meditation technique? It is something you start doing from your mind. Secondly it is not meditation itself. It is an effort to create an inner climate in which meditation may blossom. OSHO explained everything very beautifully. It is to be playful, happy, without loosing witnessing, not to be goal oriented or ego centered, put the mind on music etc., so that somehow to make the mind's involvement very less from the beginning.

BUT STILL it is a mind's effort. The purpose of the devise is to take you to the beyond mind space. To give a new expansion of your feeling. And that new space is beyond mind, beyond body experiences, knowledge, reasoning, logic, social values, social relationships, social feelings. In one say it is not the world you know already. So basically techniques are not connected in any way with the Meditative state. That is why OSHO insists that, you decide meditation and everything in life, everything you come across, 24 hours are all devices and nothing else. This whole world is not a real world but a devise to move to the real world. This stand point is absolutely needed for a meditator to move on.

AND CERTAINLY, ABSOLUTELY there is no connection between body's world and this new expansion. IT IS LIKE one side is deep water and the other side is forest divided by a high wall. You are on the forest side and you take a tree post and use it to high jump the wall to fell on the other side. It is a good and intelligent effort, there is no doubt in it. But there comes a moment in your high jump, that you have to leave the post and let go you to fall on the other side. IF YOU hold the post or if you miss the timing, though you jump and the jump is enough, you fall back on the same side. It is possible also that someone just get struck by jumping with the post practice, without going near the wall also . This gives experiences, of course of the jumping, then ego comes in. It start imagining what you want, its start explaining, fixing and the most dangerous is get struck, get addicted, get associated and that is the trouble. I have seen in many people that it follows life after life.

THAT IS WHY i want to say beware of techniques, devises. Don't get struck, don't allow the mind to judge the happenings. Absolutely you should be playful in using the techniques. Particularly in Tantric Techniques. In OSHO active techniques also people fall into a kind of mechanical doing but still it is not so harmful. It can break at some point or become only a body exercise or a ego fulfilling act or an addiction but not harmful deeply. But in Tantric Techniques, you become feeling full and in that keeping the awareness is very difficult and you may miss it and fall into identification or indulgence. Not only that you miss but you enjoy so much that it becomes an addiction, it gives you a certain joy like in taking drugs, temporarily out of worries and you will struck with that and it will continue for lifes. This particularly i want to insist.

ALSO THE love, the surrender, the Master disciple relationship , all that is in the spiritual path are all devises only. Never get struck anywhere. In Tantric techniques the advantage is that you experience, you feel and it is more real and not thinking, but you may get hooked with indulgence. That is why OSHO says that a master and a specific environment is a must for Tantric practice. For active meditations, the problem is mind starts thinking and manipulating, making you mechanical, and so the real intensity never happens. So in that remember to relax from mind, let go, playful, total and intense in body, otherwise you get struck.

ALSO IT IS good to approach the day to day life with the not technical but qualitative way. Be feelingful, be a witness, act totally, jump into intensity, increase sensitivity, feel life & death, feel nature, enjoy the gifts of laughter, wonder, creativity, beauty etc.,

KEEP DOING the meditation techniques also. Otherwise slowly, unknowingly, the unconscious will change the priority from meditation to trivia. Doing techniques will be a self reminder to keep the priority. But i suggest you to do them every day as the day one, new, without any trace of practice.

THESE THINGS keep your way more beautiful, more balanced, and slowly in this rejoicing, doings go, happenings come, you merge with life, a great trust arise, gratitude fills you, all techniques fall back, suddenly you are living there already.



Dear friends,

WHEN YOU are learning 'car driving' you keep that as priority, whole day you wait for that, your body, mind and emotions turned towards it. And at the time of learning nothing else is important only this. This is how you learn it.

BUT ONCE you have learned, your body reflexes learned the car driving, you can change the priority to something else. Even while you are driving, you have no need to keep it as a priority.

THIS IS applicable to all outside doings. Actually once the thing is learned and understood by the brain, next time it is done without your conscious effort. Brain throws this to its unconscious working knowledge or mechanical responses recorded storage.

BUT THIS is not the case with Meditation. That's why when a person stops doing meditation, his conscious growth stopped, not only slips down but also he falls back into the unconscious.

BUT USUALLY because of the practical experience we have with outside things, we treat meditation also in the same way. We do it for few days and then feel now you know it, understand it, got it. But it is not so. Why? BECAUSE AS for as the outside things learning, it is within the reach of the body's capacity and so once it is learned, it can be stored and reproduced without your consciousness.

BUT MEDITATION is outside the boundary of past experiences of body & brain. Moreover even when you entered into the new space or new experience beyond the past, you cannot store it because it is happening beyond the normal body system. You become more like fragrance than like tree. Tree cannot store the fragrance, though from it, it is produced. Even the flowers are part of it but not the fragrance. Meditation is more like fragrance. The qualities love, beauty, rejoicing, silence and many like this, are all fragrances possible for humans. Tree can rejoice the releasing of fragrance through it but it cannot hold it.

SO EVERY time you have to start from body and after entering into the new experience or new realm or new space, you have to remain there and live there. You cannot bring anything from there to the body understanding, because it happens totally beyond the body in another plane of existence.

SO ALWAYS you have to keep Meditation in the top priority, if you want to live it. It is not practice-able. It is only livable, always new, fresh, deeper.

YOU MAY have known the artists, how so ever great, long time, but continuously every day they play music, sing songs, dance, poets rejoice in aloneness, because otherwise they fall back into normal body. You have to live it every day and that is the only way to remain as an artist.

MEDITATION IS deeper than artistry. So what to say. THIS IS one of the important weakness, i come across from the seekers. The people once get power, money, prestige, fame, wealth even in the so called seeker's society, they stop meditating or they give the top priority to something else, like important works, helping others, running meditation corporate, etc.,

I ALWAYS insist people who visit me, that if they want to talk, discuss, share or enquire with me, there is one simple criteria, that is they should be meditating at least one hour totally and so i know that at least at sometime in a day meditation becomes their top priority.

IF A SEEKER slips from this, alas, whatever his past credentials, he or she will be taken over by the unconscious mind. All their talent, knowledge, experiences will be manipulated by the unconscious mind. This is how all the do-gooders always do harm to everybody, in the name of love, understanding, sincerity, protection etc.,

IF A SEEKER wants to reach the living of an evolved natural state, that is enlightenment state, then he or she must keep in top priority always meditation. Then the whole life becomes a devise for meditation and nothing else. Then you move fast, deep, total and intense towards the next natural state.


Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Dear friends,

THIS is my first post, the day, today, i am starting this blog.

ONE DAY, after finishing the dynamic meditation technique, walking in the garden slowly i see the deepest connection between love and meditation.

IN MY long journey as a seeker, always a question or a separation is standing there intellectually in my mind, though in life who bothers about the intellectual standing, thank you for the integrity exists in us rooted in feelings and not in intellectual ideas one is holding.

SO WHENEVER some discussion happens, when we are not alone, we are social, this separation of love and meditation crops up.

AND MOSTLY it is concluded with an answer that both are separate paths, separate approaches, separate techniques, at least in the beginning of the inner journey and according to the individuals. both merge in the end or when you have merged enough in one, the other also shows up.

BUT OSHO again and again insists that love & meditation are like 2 wings of the bird. but then how can you start the journey with one wing.

IN PUNE resort they insist 'meditation is the only way'. they seems to think that love is a private affair.

INDIANS in the name of love jump into each other and hide their beings inside. don't want to struggle with meditation techniques. for them love is to show and meditation is a private affair.

STRANGE approaches. but for all in common love and meditation remains separate or atleast in starting point it is separate.

BECAUSE of this conditioned idea of separation, and so the logic and language stems out of this idea, though in life there is no separation, i was not able to explain the connection in words.

I ALWAYS feel myself with both and wonder what i am doing. not following totally the love and not following totally the meditation techniques.

MY LOVE feeling always come with awareness and it is strange that i never fall in love, though i loved lot of women and men. love changed me a lot but never it has given me suffering.

MEDITATION always make me soft and vulnerable and loving and is it meditation really i wonder many times.

BUT I can tell you now in words also how love and meditation is one and inseparable.

MY MEDITATION nature i found out of my immense self love. and loving oneself is just a natural quality. love and meditation for me is like roots and branches. meditation is the root and loving is the stem, branches, flowers, fragrance and fruits.

ONLY THING i can say is that when am freed from conditioning or social mind or the society inside, that very moment i start moving or walking towards love and meditation. only the social mind - which contains lot of feelings created by the society, ideas, dogmas, beliefs, philosophies - is the barrier.

WHEN THAT social structure fell out of my brain, suddenly i stand before the nature naked, open, risky, without protection. but it is beautiful. because from there my trust born and grown. my love & meditation starts naturally. life becomes a expression of existence. very weightless, light, without any individual principle, without any separate aims, no separate life, but still very much alive.

ONLY WHEN YOU EXPRESS, because of the limits of expression, you may talk about love and you see love that time and you may talk about meditation and you see meditation that time. but how deep you feel the love or trust that much you feel the meditative nature also. this is inseparable. that is why loving people, who may not heard of meditation but their nature is meditative.

ONE MORE emphasis i want to make is - this love we are talking about is more nearer to loving oneself than any other love. Also it is nearer to the trust, which for me is a better, unpolluted replacement of the word loving.

IN THIS PLACE of love and meditation, there are other qualities like silence, bliss, ecstasy, laughter, witnessing, beauty, timelessness, intelligence, creativity are all there naturally.

HERE EVEN THE ego is not an interference, but a tool, a usable standpoint, serving its purpose.

NOTHING CHANGES. the outside includes the body, mind, society, circumstance and the whole universe. inside witnessing is not separate from outside and so there is no outside and inside. only a center with changing or dancing or evolving circumference.

SO LOVE and meditation is not separate. loving oneself deeply, you enter into the meditation space also. when you enter into the meditation you become the overflowing love also.

THIS IS not a concept or philosophy, take this only an expression. it may change if you ask me again, but only the expression changes. and it will go on change because of the dialectic nature of our language.


conscious love,