Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Magic of Sensitivity

I want to share, how the transcendence of unconscious sensations (it does not mean, they are bad) happened to me. 

Naturally a child is very sensitive. But when it grows, when it gets entangled with the family and society and with its growing stand point of “I”, it loses its sensitivity. It becomes a personality, more a social face, more head oriented, more logical, more idea based, more thinking oriented and loses its sensitivity. It is using the thinking more and senses less. It is more thinking dependent than its sensitivity dependence. So for a grown up human, the sensitivity is very less and the thinking process is very fast and non-stop. His whole energy is first used by the mind and the rest is not even adequate for the basic functions to maintain the body. Now this has become the basis for modern diseases.

So in this state of less sensitivity, a human gets a sensation only out of natural need. These are like hunger, sex, fear, sadness or anger. These are also not allowed naturally when they surface in you. They are condemned, regulated and controlled by the society from the outside and by your own mind from inside. You are suppressing even the basic sensations. So when you get the chance for sensations, these are flooding and you become totally unconscious and you act unconsciously. After that, you become afraid of these sensations because your consciousness is lost on those moments. So people are always worried about their sex, fear and anger.

But if you are really sensitive, that means you enjoy sensations every moment. Coolness of the dawn, beauty of the sunset, calling of the birds, smell of flowers, wakeup state of trees, brightness of the sun, heat of the sun, the miracle of your body, your breathing cycle, your food processing system, your brain function, a smile of the child, the blossoming of the motherhood, a morning walk of touching the earth by your feet, there are unlimited wonders and mysteries around us in every moment.

When you are living in utmost sensitivity in every moment, no sensation will take over you and you never fall into the unconscious. Whatever the sensation, even hunger, even sex, even anger, even fears cannot flood but instead they also will come to you like a breeze and won’t pull you down from your state of consciousness. This is the miracle. This is how you transcend to higher consciousness or bigger consciousness and also become free from the grip of basic sensations like sex and anger.

So less sensitivity and suppression leads you into more unconsciousness and more into the grip of few basic sensations, which cannot be suppressed forever. Because of this state, you become afraid of yourself, you become afraid that at any moment your mask can fall down, your personality can get broken.

On the other hand, increase in sensitivity, living every moment with at most sensitivity, leads you to a very conscious life, makes you free from the grip of all sensations including animalistic, unconscious sensations and you blossom into the state of peace and silence.