Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Dear friends,
Something i want to say about our connection with OSHO always and today this happened like this, while i am talking with a friend. I summarise the talk.
When i met UG in 2006 or 2007, i don’t remember exactly, i spent a whole day in his presence.

At that time, on my arrival with other friends, he welcomed us and asks who are we? and i introduced ourselves as OSHO sannyasins. Immediately he said, “Oh! OSHO widows! Come, come.” I enjoyed it but i know it is not true and also i didn’t find words immediately to express my feelings. So later on, i told that we are not ‘OSHO widows’ but we are “OSHO+’ if you want to connect us with OSHO. I enjoyed what UG said because except OSHO for all other spiritual teachers, even for UG’s intellectual crap whom molested him all his life, this statement exactly fits.

This is one of the great and unique things that OSHO did. He never enslaved, even with his radical insights or with his new meditation techniques or with his abundance presence or even with his unlimited compassion. He worked to bring out the authentic living from every individual, and very carefully contradicts himself, so that nobody can live in his shadow. He maintains a flow, a inconsistency and a non capturable aliveness.

But at the same time he triggered a process in us, he worked as a catalyst, he served as a window to the real existence, a live wire of life, giving shock on touch in any way.

And by that we have grown, even we have out grown HIM and that is all he wanted.

He has time only to throw seeds and we have time to nourish the seed and enjoy the fruits.

In HIS time, nobody convinced that the seeds are not weeds, but now we have shown and proved how good the seeds are.

The way of beyond enlightenment and living as a rebel, dying to the past every moment and expressing in creativity, opens many new doors of life and we get many new revelations from existence, which enriches life.

OSHO is a beginning of a New-human, a new era and brings the possibility of paradise in earth.

Nobody can stamp him, nobody can make a philosophy on his teaching to learn as an academic subject, nobody can make him anything dead. It is impossible. He is a continuum, that also not by organization, not by any circle but by his direct thread of love, the connection he established with his sannyasins.

Now, we in turn connect with people and pass on the taste of love, trust, joy, laughter and meditation, which he shared with us. We find more ways to share, more colours to paint, more secrets to sing, which is growing moment to moment and unfolding according to the situation and climate.   

We trust existence, and that’s what we learned from him, we live in creativity with imperfection and always leaving growth possibilities. We don’t fall into the madness of creating a great institution or organization and instead share to bring out simple, sincere & factual human beings through our joy and celebration with awareness.

So we are really a OSHO+ and nothing to hide in it but all to be joyful and grateful.

Love, A OSHO+,