Thursday, November 7, 2013


Osho is an intellectual giant, great orator, ferocious reader, cute businessman, lover of luxury and comfort, very mischievous, very individualistic, a spiritual researcher, inventor of new meditation techniques, very strong atheist, strong naturalist and many more may be. What are all I remember this moment I have mentioned?

But what is his biggest contribution to humanity. There is something like that is there for sure. Because he is the only person who is impressing the humanity
continuously for the last 5 decades and more miraculously without any big organizational setup like religion or cult or lot of branches with centralised head office. Moreover, the people particularly the youth are behaving his way or turning his way, even without consciously knowing it. The youths are more enjoying, less serious, more scientific, less believing, more free, more adventurous, less bonded, less committed to family organization, more moving, less bothered about the past, and more may be.

My understanding is that OSHO is not creating a way or creating the path. Instead he lived as the first new man and lived as a forerunner of the coming world of new humanity. He never claims a new path but he claims a new way or new approach towards the life available.

He never interested to change anything outside. This very Body is the Buddha and This very Earth is the Heaven – is his approach.

So what is so special about him and his contribution?

That is, he proclaims and lived a life, which has a profound new approach, unknown to humanity up to now, and up to now no avatar, no prophet, no philosopher, no thinker, no religion, no school of thought, no master of enlightenment, nobody had ever even imagined.

That is, Humans can live the life from birth to death, all climates of life, whether it is sorrow, pain, death, disease, accident, loss, failure, insult, hurt, humiliation or it is joy, success, victory, benefit, wealth, comfort or anything coming in life or happening in life, with a mood of rejoicing, yes, anything in life, but there is no reason why you are not rejoicing, this is his greatest contribution. What is wrong in death or suffering? They are the salt of life, the opposites are not opposites but complementaries in life. Without night what is day and without hot what is coolness. Without anger how you enjoy love? Without insult how you see your ego? So everything is helpful and so everything should be rejoiced, should be celebrated. Life has to be approached with a sense of humour.

Rejoicing the whole life, celebrating everything, every moment, every happening is possible for the human. Only the wrong psychology is the hindrance. The psychology of the past is based on fear and greed for exploitation and without scientific knowledge. A new psychology is possible. A rejoicing, a celebrating, a humorous psychology is the healthy psychology.

With this HE lived and with HIM a new man with a new psychology starts. A lot has to be done in every level of society, in every level of growth from the day of birth of a child, but still it is coming and OSHO is the proof. Humans can live the whole life with a sense of Humour and celebration.

What is point of guilt or complex or sad or angry or afraid.

It is foolish. It is all rubbish. It is all garbage of the past. Throw out all.
Rejoice the life. Rejoice means enjoy with deep rootedness in existence.
Or enjoy without mind and with awareness of you. Celebrate your existence with the existence.

For nothing you have to worry. What is the point? You are not the controller of existence, so what can you do except worrying. Stop this stupidity. And also you don’t know who controls the existence, so what can you do. Simply rejoice the opportunity. If you are limited you are limited, that’s all. Live your body, mind, heart and spirit. That’s all you can do. Living completely, totally, living your senses, your intelligence, your feelings and your spirit is rejoicing.

Then, with this way of life, with this approach of life, a great creativity will born out of you, a great adventure will born out of you, a beauty, a grace, an ecstasy, a deep silence, a rootedness in witnessing will flow out of you.

You naturally want to go more deep into existence, want to participate more with nature and for that you will search ways and means. And you will move naturally towards meditation, silence and compassion.

The world and humanity should live with great rejoice, with great sense of humour, hand in hand.

Throw all old and burn it. Forget the past. Be clean and live with clarity of this moment. Rejoice you and the existence around you. You and existence are not two. You are small existence, a cut vegetable piece but having the same taste. That is the mother and you are a child. So living with mother, what is there to worry? Whatever it brings or gives is good for you. So rejoice the life. Let go and celebrate let go. Accept and rejoice the acceptance. Be choice less and enjoy that open sky. Leave the stand point of ‘I’ and enjoy that freedom. Look at you and around, enjoy the life with a sense of Humour.

This is completely wild and new and fresh approach to the whole of humanity.

This is the psychology of OSHO, the new man, the new man he named ZORBA THE BUDDHA, I call ZORBUDDHA, the upcoming youth.

This newly defined psychology, defined by his very living that way, is the biggest contribution of OSHO to the Humanity.

All of you i welcome to join to live this way. This needs guts, great cleansing, throwing all past rubbish, sharp intelligence, creativity and living every moment. This is not impossible but very much possible.

Conscious Love,