Sunday, November 9, 2014

From struggle to spontaneity is the growth of Humanity

What is wrong with this life? How we create newnew problems in the world?

The only answer is that, we are struggling and fighting continuously. This is the way of life taught to us by the society from our childhood. This is the way we are taught to live and to face the outside world. So we fight and struggle with ourselves, with our inner also.

It is like two ends of a stick, our inner and outer. They are not separate, they look like that but they are deeply connected, inseparable and one.

But for our mind it is two separate things. I and thou. So considering that we are not having authentic experience of ‘no mind’ state of being, we have inner and outer separate. Moreover how we are to the outside, same attitude gets applied to our inner also.

So OSHO says to accept, not even accept but enjoy, rejoice (enjoying with awareness) the inner, rejoice yourselves and the same attitude will come to the outside also. The outside changes without any effort, very naturally. Not only that, by rejoicing the inner, the inner emotions grow naturally to the next level of growth, to a higher feelings. From animalist to humanness, from humanness to divineness.

So the basic problem is struggling and fighting attitude. This was taught to you by way of splitting you, your inner first, in your very early childhood itself. Your consciousness, awareness has been made clouded by the society. You were given a name, a false importance, and the self image creating process is triggered by others in you in your very early childhood. By having created a self image with your name and with your mother, father and surroundings, your inner gets split. Your self-image opposes your animality inside. When you grow up, you create another basic division by having ego – a condensed self image of supremacy or complex – a condensed self image of inferiority. Other than your ego or complex, all other accrued things from the society become your sub-conscious mind. So your splits go on increasing and each one is fighting with the other inside and this eats up your whole energy and your consciousness.

But a conscious mind, an ego or complex is a necessary evil, so you cannot blame your family or society for that. You have to feel separate, only then you can be taught the social way, You can inherit the human growth. But you should be taught to drop it and be yourself also, without this split. But this is not taken care of by the society. This is completely forgotten.

This is what OSHO insists. A child has to be taught to be original, just to be a consciousness, an awareness, an unsplit being, a whole, a small existence itself, a bubble in the ocean of existence and this feeling, this truth, he calls meditation.

Ok. You are split in many many ways. By nations, by language, by religion, by family etc. etc. and you become weaker and weaker. Also you see the outside also with so many splits and you become an expert in splitting things. This creates more fighting and struggling both inside and outside. Inside you fight with your spontaneity and outside you fight out of fear created by your vision of split. Your conscious mind is a splitting machine and it goes on splitting everything into two, everybody into two, either a friend or foe. Life becomes a struggle, you become more and more a closed and sealed box in existence.

Now i see a question in the mind? Then what you want? Accept any humility, any exploitation, any slavery, even when i clearly see?

NO. A strong NO. I didn’t mean it. Keep your self-respect. The difference or the line dividing the self-respect and struggle is that of defence and offence. Be defensive. Be aware. Keep your space. Die but don’t give-up yourself. Because then you become a slave and all chances of growth is lost. Your life will be simply a means for somebody’s exploitation.

Instead get your consciousness free from the associations, free from the clouded vision. Let your consciousness be pure like a clean mirror. Let it reflect everything. But it owns nothing, it has no imprints. So let it be your ego or subconscious mind or complex or animality or outside impacts or whatever the case, be aware that they are all reflections in your consciousness only. They change but your mirror of consciousness is always clean, and you never get dusty from these. This will make you to live spontaneously, to respond spontaneously, to respond naturally. You live as a natural human being.

This is the basic need. And when you live like this, with keeping your consciousness always free and you live with this awareness, your animalistic unconscious emotions will blossom into humanistic conscious feelings. Life naturally takes you to the next evolution stage. Not only that, the outside also becomes a paradise and you enjoy, you feel grateful about it and you don’t rape the nature.

Life becomes an organic unity; you feel everything inside you and also in the inside of everything outside you feel yourself. Then life is a continuous celebration, no complaints, no fear, every happening is good, ecstatic and even death is not a cut but a continuum. The whole life becomes a play and your life becomes the dance of existence expressing beauty, truth and consciousness.

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