Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Life is inside and not outside

Dear friends,

You are happy inside. Your child or servant broke a glass or slip the tea cup on your dress. What is your action? You say simply it is ok and you continue in your happy mood. You are able to see that the thing happened is not done voluntarily but an accident. But if you are angry or in stress you start barking and shouting.

Another example i want to give. If the neighbour’s child becomes sick and you see that they are worrying then you tell them it is nothing to worry and will go away in a few days. You give a discourse that the fever is a symptom of the body showing that it is working on something and we have to support it. It is common and just don’t feed him and let him starve a little and it will help tremendously. You tell to your wife that they are worrying too much and this kind of attachment is not good for them and the child both. But if you child is slightly sick, you rush to the most famous hospital in the town. What happens?

Mind is a reasoning tool. If you allow it then it explains both of your reactions as perfect and it will throw the reason for your actions only outside. In the first case, it will explain that even though you know it is not their mistake, they will become more careful by your shouting. In the second case, even though you know that there is nothing serious, it is always good to have a check up.

Basically mind is doing only this. You live your life from the inside and mind is used to give an appropriate explanation according to the need or question arising outside. You have many minds or many stand points or many masks or many masters or many conditionings in your brain. Even when one mind is objecting, the other comes out with an explanation. But the reality is that your emotions rule you.

So mind is a lawyer you created in your brain to protect your actions arising out of your emotions. So if you really want to understand life or understand you or understand your problems, then you have to see inside. Living the inside is your life. Outside world is only matter and only you, from your inside give the meaning and convert it into life. A bike is a bike. But when the moment you bought it, it is not the same bike to you. For others it is same, but for you it is changed. The relationship, the outlook, the stand point has changed the bike.

All our life is only an expression of our emotions and our entire world outside is only our emotionally projected connections. It doesn’t mean that there is no outside world. There is. But you don’t see that as it is. For a doctor, a patient is only a human body and the same patient for you may be your father, mother, child or somebody very important. When he suffers of pain, the doctor is not affected, but you are affected. This individual world is an illusion or MAYA, created by your emotional projections only.

The animals only have this world, the world of illusion and they have no possibility to know the real world. But human’s have. And this we call awareness, the special quality of human. And this is the human suffering. He is not ignorant and at the same time he is not free from this illusion.

So trying to solve the problems of inside by the outside means only is not right. This is what the west has tried, by science, by technology, by accumulating wealth by robbery from other nations or people. But this doesn’t solve the human problem. They are in a deeper mess. Psychotherapy becomes the highest earning profession in the west. Here simple astrologer does that work for a very small fee of 50 or 100 rupees. Science or logic is useful to create a certain comforts for the humanity, to make him free from the basic needs like food and shelter. But more than that, your world is emotionally your own linked world and that is created from your inside.

In the east, we have neglected completely the science and logic because of the understanding that the world is a projection of inside. But only the individual worlds are projections and there is a real world and there are real needs of the body. In the peak of wealth and abundance, India stops to take care of the real world and real needs, because there is so much. The only thing to focus is to go inside and find solutions. This is where the west is standing now. But because of this attitude, India is enslaved for 2000 years, become poor and this affected the life and slowly the search of inside becomes a hypocrisy and phony.

That is why OSHO synthesize both. He says be a zorba the Buddha. That is, take care of your needs and create comforts, use the outside life experiences, to live and to explore your inside. Your inside is your real life. Your body needs are not your life, they are just compulsions, and there is not much juice in it. The real life is living your inside, so the real problems, deeper problems are also only there.

To understand that our life is really or in depth is the life of our inside is the first step towards spirituality. Now how to be free inside, like how we become free from the outside needs, is the exploration of spirituality. The same methodology of science and logic, by which we become free from the outside needs, is not workable in the realm of your inside. There the situation is totally different.

You have to grow from needs to art, a person for whom the art becomes more valuable or the artistic life becomes more valuable than the life of needs. Then from artistic way of living, you can grow to spiritual way of living.

This journey is the pilgrimage and this journey itself is a celebration. This journey itself will bring the well being, wonderous world and joyous life to this earth.

Let us join this dance and celebration.



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