Friday, November 21, 2014


Dear friends,

Expand the present moment.
Yes. Don’t hang on to the past and don’t hope for the future. This is what OSHO says.

But to mean it, live it is an amazing experience or an endless experiencing.

You try it this way. Don’t go into the philosophy of it or into the questions of how can you live without the past or how can you live without future.

That is already minding and all arguments depend on the knowledge of the mind and the capacity to argue. Anything can be denied or convinced, it depends on the minds that argue.

So what i suggest is just experimentation. Put yourself into this experiment.

Just sit relaxed. No closing of eyes or anything. No focus or concentration. Just sit and feel,
Whatever comes up, feel!

Touch of sounds, touch of the air, touch of light from around,
your touch of eyes on things around, trees around or anything,
touch of smells on you, touch of anything,
may be thoughts enter you and go from you, dreams float in your mind,
mind starts chattering, body moves, sensations in the body,
you want to drink water, thirsty, hunger, feeling your body hot, cool,
feeling nothing etc.,

Your eyes enlarge, become wide on seeing something, you feel the climate, trees, plants, insects, may be you feel them deep inside you or you are deep inside of them etc.,

You feel the urge of doing something arise in you, mind urges urgency, mind argues to plan or to analyse something etc.,

You see the feeling of people who built this house, who plant this tree, you see the feel of a bird sitting, you feel the smell of the soil, you feel the people around, you feel the people who lived here, their love, hate, struggle, birth, death, many more...,   

You go on seeing and aware and you become more and more aware of the present moment and you don’t stop or focus on any particular thing. Don’t get concentrated or focused.

Be more aware of the present, feel the sun, moon, stars, earth, sea, snow of Himalayas, desert of Rajasthan, ocean of Andaman, etc., 

Feel the mosquito which bites you, feel the breath going in and coming out, feel the aliveness of the body, the wind blowing, the entire organic world moving, go on and on and on into the awareness.

Put all your energy to be aware at the most of the present. Feel the child going to school, old lady resting tired, labour working hard, aware of the sky and the sky beyond the earth, feel the movement of earth, forces operating around you like radio waves, light, current, magnetic force, brainwaves etc, etc., whatever is possible bring more and more into your awareness. Many things may seem to be an imagination in the first but you can be aware slowly. Sometimes you start from knowledge and then feel, sometimes directly you feel something but always end up with feeling and not fall into thinking.

Awareness is just you be a mirror, a mirror of energy, in which you bring everything.

The beauty and the miracle of the awareness is that it is like a torch light and on whatsoever you turn, you can see through and through.

It is just a habit that we go on thinking inside the knowledge bank of ours about everything. Instead just be aware and suddenly you see more deep and you feel deeper.

When you are deep into this moment, deep into the awareness process, awareness touching the awareness also happens.

Yup. You got it. This is meditation.

Until you submerge into this awareness, go on expand your present moment, until your mind stops, your tiny world drops, your body emotions evaporate, your hopes die, your habits gone, go on and on into the present moment.

Expand the present moment to all the presence. May be you are gone and the presence of this moment is only here and you are simply a very tiny part of it but organically joined with it.

You are it as a taste but not as an outsider anymore. Existence is not outside separate from you may be. You are existence but not only you.

The feeling of present moment may cover endless time of the past and endless time of the future. It can become the whole eternity. Anything of past, as you think may be wrong and it can become your present.

Time is a small memory storage devise and seeing through it is one way of arranging memories for reuse. But present is so vast and the presence is so whole that nothing can be out of it.

All and everything becomes your contemporary or you disappear and only the presence is there.

When the awareness goes so deep that it touches the awareness itself, you transcend into a new feeling of existence. In that existence, there is no I and Thou. Only isness. You can divide a centre and a circumference from your memory but inseparable. You may explain a silence of rock and a dancing force around from your mind but a whole without any division.

So simply fall into the present moment and allow yourself to be merged into it. Then there is nothing else. There is no inside and outside, there is no search and seeker, there is no i and thou, there is no past and future. Just life and life and life, that’s all. Just a dance, a silence dancing, that’s all. There is nowhere to go and nothing to attain.

Live this moment. Life is only this moment. This is the only truth.



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