Monday, September 1, 2014


Dear friends,

In the East people think that they don’t die completely and they reborn with their essentials intact.

But this is not true. You die completely. You, as what you are now, will be dead completely when you die. Your body dies, your education, your assets, your business, your status, your pride, your relations, your friends, everything dies, your skills, your talents, your knowledge all dies.

So what else is remaining? Or even if something is remaining, what you have to do with it?

You die completely, that is the truth.

So accept it and rise to live it. See the fact, accept the fact. After death whatever is remaining, is remaining with others only. Others may remember your thoughts, deeds, feelings, your body, your actions etc., but for you, you are dead completely. Remember it.

So this is the fear of everybody and everything. This fear is valid. This fear has a truth behind it.

So, now, what is that OSHO talks about, what is that eternity?, what is that deathless?

If you look closely on OSHO and all real masters sayings, you can see one thing: that they say there is no death but they add that in the first place there is no birth itself.

So one, that is never born never dies also, of course this we understand.

But then again this one is not you and me and we are worried only about ourselves.

So death is true for us.

So what is spirituality? What OSHO is saying? In what way we are connected with it?

The Root cause of all human suffering is this death fear.

So OSHO asks you to see the nature of life. Life is a continuum. It is a flow with many shapes and many forms. You are one such form. You will die completely but life continues. So don’t feel yourself as your body and its faculties but feel the life in you. The energy flow, the qualities of it. Not only that, to feel the life, die before the death comes, this is what they suggest. Any how you are going to die completely, and you are in fear of that death, so instead of living with this fear, die now itself. Die what you are and see if there is any resurrection in eternity.

Otherwise what is your life? Fear and fear and fear, some moments of forgetfulness of this fear, and for that you use all kinds of drugs from good effect to bad effect. Your whole society is formed in this way. Death is a taboo in the society. You cremate the person you loved in a remote corner of your town.

So first understand clearly that you die completely. You have no rebirth, no continuity, and for that matter nobody has rebirth or continuity. Some BODY, not somebody, may pick up some thoughts in the air, some feelings in the air but this is not rebirth.

Second amazing thing, which is the base of spirituality, is that that you have the potential to cross over the feelings of the bodily existence and you can touch or taste the life itself now and here. It can happen to you. But you cannot have it, because only on your death, this possibility arises. But again you have the potential to die before the death of the body. This process or teaching method or creating an inner and outer climate for you to die, is called meditation technique by OSHO.

Thirdly, after this death experience, your existence transcends the body. Your existence becomes of a different quality. This is more like a jump from animal to human, from limited body feelings to unlimited cosmic feelings. Though your body still exists, you are not. Body is a mechanism and it will run until it gets breakdown but you are awakened from the illusion of the body.

So spirituality is an adventure, a challenge, a quantum jump into the unknown. For that you have to understand first that you are like a bubble in existence and you die completely in your death. Moreover death comes for sure and that is the only certainty in the future of you. This makes you frustrated with this life, fed up with this life and you are ready to take any risk. Because what is the risk, you have nothing to lose, anyhow you die completely today or tomorrow. Instead of cheating yourself that you are a winner in this life and to appear so doing all kinds of dramas, you get bored. The intelligent always ends up here.

So you try to open up your potentiality. This is the real spirituality. Here you put yourself for experimentation. That is why very few people really interested in spirituality.

People love lies, people love dreams, people love hypocrisy, people love society approved drugs like god, power, prestige, fame, medals, honours etc., people who don’t get these drugs love the other drugs supplied by society like TV, Drama, Chatting, Gossip  etc., and some people love drugs like gambling, drinks, smoking & other chemical drugs,  people love sleep, people love to forget the fact of death somehow in short.

But if you die and resurrect, then the living in the body itself will become a creation of great art without any effort. Great artist is one, who is separate from his art, who never bothering about his art, the art becomes a child’s play for him. It is not his real life. He transcends it. But still he creates the art just as a play, just for the sake of sharing him. This kind of playful life is possible for humans. This is the vision of OSHO.

So, friends, realize the death. Suddenly you become courageous, you become adventurous, you become energetic to live this moment.

Not much time left. You die completely. So before that transcend you.



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