Friday, August 22, 2014


Dear friends,
Modern man is controlled and conditioned by thoughts, ideas, ambitions, goals, opinions, aims, beliefs, logical thinking, rational thinking, complexes of ego or inferior, stand points of mind, comparison, social values, etc., and all these are called by a single name “MIND” or more correctly can be called as “MINDING” because it is not a separate thing, but instead it is a continuous action taking place in the Brain.

There are activities in Brain which are not of Mind but only of knowledge. Like you know driving and you drive and this action of brain is not mind. Then what activity of brain is mind?

What is connected with emotions or for the purpose to fulfil your emotions OR the knowledge based activities connected with emotions or for the purpose to fulfil your emotions become your mind or minding. Then emotions......... emotions are body based, body centered, body protective, body needs and bodily unconscious information storage based. You can call them simply animalistic. This is not a condemnation, please remember. Moreover the humans’ emotion become more violent, more cunning, more political, more exploiting and more developed. Humans become hypocrites with their language, culture and diplomacy.

Humans born with a certain consciousness, that is, he is conscious of his consciousness. Animals are only conscious, only have feelings, no consciousness about its consciousness. But man has a feeling about his feelings. This is a must because he is born as a premature baby and so to protect him, this conscious of him is needed. So human baby is born with this tool, but utterly dependent and looks up for help. Now the society around him utilise this opportunity and cultivate him according to their custom. He is given a SELF, a false SELF and he becomes self conscious. His consciousness is utilised to conscious of his false self. This is not conscious of his real self. This is self-conscious or conscience, you may call.

The working or the continuous thinking process in the brain based on the false self and connected with emotions are the Mind or Minding.

Ok. Now we have emotions and we call the place of emotions as Heart.

Like thinking process is in brain, emotion process is in the heart.

Like knowledge is stored in brain, emotional experiences stored in heart.

So in the process of meditation or in the process of finding the real SELF, the first step is to see your thought process separately from you or Having a certain gap between you and your thinking process. To taste this, we have many meditation techniques.

After attaining this, after you learn to keep a gap of yourself from the process of minding, this is not that you are free from minding; just you have a gap or little loose grip of minding on you. Really without cutting the heart and making the heart empty, you cannot stop minding or the minding will not stop or drop.

The real test comes after this. Now you should become like this in your heart. You should create a gap or become loosely griped by heart. Then you cut the heart and break away from the past, from the body, from the emotional supports. You drop the old conditioned way of functioning of the heart that it always looking or taking the support of emotions. That may be from your own past or from the other. But you should become an EMPTY HEART, a free heart, an empty path way for energy flow.

When you become the empty heart, existence starts revealing to you the mysteries of life. You become the TAO that means “simply the way”. This is LET GO, this is SURRENDER. And this is the last step which happens on its own, but only when you are courageous to empty your heart and stand alone. This courage is not against something you feel power, but on the contrary, you are ready to die, you are able to accept and enjoy your helplessness. This aloneness is not that you are lonely, but you allow your loneliness to melt and merge with existence.

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