Thursday, July 31, 2014


What is this Grounding? Or Centering?

Always have a sense of body and you are grounded,

Always feel the Hara centre and you are grounded,

Always have the sense of where and what and you are grounded,

Always have the feel of your situation and you are grounded,

Always accept the reality and you are grounded,

Always act with awareness and you are grounded,

Always accept the death and you are grounded,

Always act in the present and you are grounded,

Never lose conscious and you are grounded,

Never fall into hallucination, imagination and you are grounded,

Never taken over by mind, by desires, by motivations and you are grounded,

Never pushed by others and you are grounded,

Never get into worry and you are grounded,

Never lose self-confidence and you are grounded,

There is so much and there is so many methods to teach them, train them.

But even after the training, when they go into life and try to practice, people are in a mess and they don’t feel centered. They don’t feel they find the ground. It is ok for managing day to day life but when they look inside, they get confused.

Where is my ground? Where is my centre? If i reached or touched the ground, then it must be there always and i should feel joy and i should be able to enjoy myself. Instead only it is like a tool i use to manage myself and this itself creates tension.

Even meditators, when trying to feel the Hara centre continuously are in a mess. They have to follow a certain discipline, adopt a certain way of life and then only they are able to feel the centre always. Otherwise they miss it or they struggle with themselves to be in the centre or in the grounding. This is strange because if it is grounding, then one must feel at ease and effortless and joy.

That is why we seek grounding or centering.  So what is the problem? 

Many meditators asked me about this. What is the real centre? Where is the real centre? What is our grounding? We feel grounded during the meditation but it never stays and if it is not staying, then how can it be grounding? So whatever we are taught in meditation workshops are something else, which gives us good feeling or they are not real grounding or centering.

That is true. During meditations you get the taste of some grounding or centering and that is not false also, but they are temporary grounds and you rest there. After sometime when you have taken enough rest there or when your mind is active again, you move away from the grounding. YOU HAVE STILL NOT REACHED THE REAL GROUNDING ON WHICH YOUR LIFE MOVES OR DANCES. If you touch that, then whatever the state of you, whatever the act of you, whatever the feeling of you , whatever the situation of you, you won’t lose the grounding.

So what is that? I don’t know how to explain it or to communicate it. But i can give you some examples. For a bird, for example, the sky is the grounding or centering.  for the fish, of course, the ocean is the grounding. It look strange, yap? Of course, because your idea of grounding or centering is something fixed, tiny. But that is the hindrance, the wrong idea.

So what is for humans?

For humans the grounding is consciousness or awareness or witnessing or nirvana or energy flow or let-go or whatsoever you want to call this. All other grounding or centering that we feel other than this are all relative to some partial state of you and not for your whole life. That is why you miss it when you change to another state.

So don’t stop anywhere and move to your real centre. That will give you bliss, you will be in utter relaxation and awareness. OSHO!


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