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Life means feelings. The difference between dead and alive is his feelings. Action can be induced by machines. Social responses can also be induced in a machine because it all comes from the storage of memory of the brain.

But feeling of “I AM” or the feeling of “AMNESS” is the real life. The “I” may be one of the stand points chosen by the brain from the opinions of others to polarise the memories. But the feeling of “AMNESS” is always there, that is consciousness.

Ok. Now what is meant by the word “Enlightenment”. Normally it is said that there is some unknown experience without the experiencer and that one is called by many names like God, Meditation, Vipasana, Mukthi, Moksha, Nirvana, Awareness, Consciousness, Witnessing etc., and because in this there is no experiencer, you cannot verbalise it.

But there are lot of momentary experiences without the “I”. Like accidents, falling in love, wonder, stunning beauty, unfolding creativity etc. These moments are leaving a deep experience in you, though you forget yourselves in those moments. It is more like that you say, “ i had a sound sleep” but you were not conscious in that sleeping moment.

Not only that the moments of “without i” leaves a deep imprint in you but also they change your way of living and seeing the life. So for sure “Enlightenment” is also an experience of you without the “I” but without losing the state of consciousness, instead in the peak state of consciousness.

Your body is relaxed so that the whole energy is in a peak state of consciousness, because in the tense state of the body, the energy moves in the body to make it more powerful. Also the mind is not focused because a focused mind forgets the source and the whole energy moves towards the object to achieve. But normally, relaxation is associated with sleep and energy is associated with activity either in body or mind. 

Anyhow in the above, we approach “Enlightenment” from the point of, how the body and mind will be. But what i want to share is not that.

For me Enlightenment is that, you feel the present moment completely. Your feeling is rooted very deeply in the moment. All your energy is available and flowing in this moment of life, for this moment of life. You feel the present-moment’s top and bottom together; you feel the centre and circumstance of the present-feeling’s together. You feel the fullness and emptiness together, you see the connection and cut together. You are so balanced that you see the whole of your-presence in this moment, the tangible and intangible. Your view becomes complete, you see the birth and death both. You feel the flow and you feel the unchanging part underneath.

Once you get this full view, that is it. It changes your way of living and seeing the life. It is like a pleasant smell added in your environment, nothing changes but the whole atmosphere has changed. You see silence and on which music hits, but the silence is so vast and deep and strong, the music does not make any mark on it, the music of life is a dance of the escaped particles of silence.

Enlightenment experience depends on the background of the mind and body you carry before it. Because the energy or consciousness locked in the body and mind in its patterns, memories, experiences etc., is jumping into a new realm by suddenly getting the full view. It also suddenly tasting the untasted reality. When you touch this after so much of life long effort, naturally a good laugh will born out of you.

This state of being is best worded by OSHO as “witnessing”. This is the same reason that OSHO says that the future religion is ZEN, and only ZEN. Because only in ZEN everything except “witnessing” is removed. No path, no scripture, no teaching, no discipline. Just you sit in ZAZEN, that means just sit unmoving, doing nothing, simply sitting, the spring comes and the gross grows by itself. You enter into the full view.

By this the false boundaries, the false limitations of body and mind were also lost and this also leads to a new experience.

Actually, after “Enlightenment” you become simply an experiencing body. It starts a new life with a new vision. Without the anxiety of “I”, you move towards the existence or the existence moves through your body. Both are right. You are one end of existence’s innumerable ends which grow or expand. You live you feelings and they take you to more deeper realms. Because now, you are always fresh, without any pattern, without any focus, and only the present-moment manifests in you according to the need of the moment. This is the life “Beyond Enlightenment”. Because of this, the people of enlightenment move to solitariness to move into deeper realms and the society bondage is a hindrance to this.

So as OSHO says in one place, upto Enlightenment you move towards enlightenment, and after that you move towards existence.
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