Friday, December 6, 2013


Is it looking strange?

First time i heard only from OSHO that everybody is unique. Before that i don’t know. But now grown under his energy-field, i come across 2 uniquenesses in me and then i found that it is true to everybody.

One is the uniqueness of the body. Each body & brain is unique in humanity. This is already a proven fact. By this everybody has a unique quality. Everybody has unique quality of feeling the outer world and having own body-mind. It flowers in their day to day life and once you know it you have no need to struggle in the society and in the outer world. You know what you can do and what you cannot do creatively. You can live your uniqueness and that is the only peaceful way of existence in the world.

I came to know mine and i started living through this in the outer world. After finding this, there is no temptation or distraction in the outer world. I am peaceful. If i can do something, yes i do. If i cannot, yes i can’t. The outer search is over with this. I rejoice my body-mind with all its limitation and uniqueness.

The second one i want to share with you is, the uniqueness of inner being, which everybody carries. Everybody is a miniature of existence and everybody carries a certain unique quality of existence itself in their being. Finding this is an inner exploration, and once you find it, your inner turmoil will be over. Now this unique quality of existence which you carry in your inner being becomes your path, your way, and your connection with the centre of existence itself. You can easily taste, easily fall, easily merge with the existence in this way. This is your nature and no struggle is involved in it.  

When you touch this, whether it is by accident, or by action or by a presence or by a conscious effort of meditation, it will give you contentment; bliss, a silence and a feeling of reached the home back.

This i found out, when the meditation happens to me naturally in my total openness. When i don’t carry anything inside, even a mood, i always feel contentment, silence, joy, smile etc. Or in one word feel good.  

I wonder in my early years, what is this? When you are nothing, not proving anything, no success, no effort, you feel good. This is something wrong. So i move away from this and try to do many many foolish things. But i always touched great relaxation, whenever i fall into this space in me, i become an openness or i become an emptiness.

Then after a long journey of spiritual search or spiritual ego trip, may be you can call this ego as ‘self ego’ because this ego didn’t hurt anybody except you, but in this trip i again and again thrown back to my vast openness or emptiness, by Masters and by outside life.

It is miraculous. This openness of me, not carrying anything of this world, throwing out all traces of this world, restores my peace always. I become cool, airy, and comfortable.

So, this way of entering into the centre of existence is with me from my very birth at least. So this i call the 2nd uniqueness i carry with me. This is my way towards the centre. This is the inner quality of me, which is not belonged to body-mind  but belongs to the very being itself. It is one of the dimensions of existence, which exists in me as OPENNESS or EMPTINESS.

In other words, through this openness or emptiness, i touch the deepest core of existence. Or you can say that i am connected with the centre of existence through this quality of openness or emptiness.

This is the natural way to me to be in awareness, to be in consciousness, to be in silence, to be in contentment, to be in love, to be in meditation.

And moreover i am able to see this 2nd uniqueness in everybody. My beloved has this – ever changing, changing completely, not carrying any trace of the previous moment - quality. This is, of course, one of the deepest quality of existence. Existing like this is the celebration and meditation for her.

My son has this – the trust, an unquestionable trust, even where his mind sees fraud, he trusts, his trust is unshaken, it is not dependent on the outside. He rejoice his trust and completely happy and contend and joyful in his existence as trust.

So in these two persons, who are close to me, i am able to find it out and when i say they immediately fell into meditation or silence or inner smile.

It helped them to relax and not to struggle unnecessarily. Not getting confused and driving nuts in search of meaningful life. So this understanding of 2nd uniqueness, which everybody carries with them, is very important for the spiritual realization.

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